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squeezing out

squeezing out
Info su questo album:
Not always near the bar, sometimes going to the dance floorTofzegrit Creata da: Tofzegrit il 02/06/2017

Mi piace: 12
Ascoltata: 778 volte

Artisti coinvolti:
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Dance Album


Recensione scritta da jamlady il 04/28/2018

love it very much!!

Always Tofp of the Pops


Recensione scritta da woXey il 02/06/2017

This guys knows how to play that 6 strings... oh yeah.. one of my wikifavs no dobt.. :)

Electro Euro Hop


Recensione scritta da rp3drums il 02/06/2017

Very cool Chris, a very electronic themed album with a cool chilled groove. Happy I was able to make it on with the Acid Loops. Thanks! Enjoyed!

Lets dance


Recensione scritta da Navota il 12/15/2018

cool tracks like it
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