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Melancolía con Stef,Vol.2

Melancolía con Stef,Vol.2
Info su questo album:
second album dedicated to my friend Stef, with total admiration, thanks to your music, I have discovered new sensations...also thank all the participants, and all those who support me day by dayivax Creata da: ivax il 06/14/2021

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PaulBOwens Stef ivax Dafunkydrummer GlezBass Lenny Cowler jaeusm WHITEPONGO titi

Fantastic musical gift!


Recensione scritta da Stef il 06/16/2021

Thank you so much mi amigo Xavi for this splendid gift! Your guitar lights up each of these tracks with feeling!

Classic Xavi in mellow mood!


Recensione scritta da Johnster72 il 06/16/2021

¡Fantástico tu album, Xavi! Enhorabuena a to-dos los colaboradores. Una buena colección de pistas más lentas con un toque de tristeza. Fantastic album, Xavi! Well done to all the collaborators. A great collection of slow tracks with a sad twist.

Another super cool album.


Recensione scritta da davidaustin il 06/15/2021

Class musicians awesome music.

Great album,friend !!!


Recensione scritta da Ezdrummer il 06/15/2021

Very nice Xavi. Well done.
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