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Fragments Of Time.

Fragments Of Time.
Info su questo album:
This album is a little collection of the latest tracks i have been working with lately on the loops. wanna thank every involved persons that has made this possible as well as I wanna thank the crew behind wikiloops for making this wonderful place real. Love you all. Peterpingo Creata da: Peterpingo il 02/02/2018

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In suspension in time ...


Recensione scritta da StJray il 04/06/2018

Will all these beautiful melodies pass the test of time beyond Wikiloops? For now, they are here as a privilege for us '' in suspension in time ''! Thanks to Peterpingo for this album and to all the participants. Ray

Nice collection :)


Recensione scritta da TeeGee il 02/19/2018

Nice one, enjoyed it today :)

A Master at Making and Producing Magic


Recensione scritta da Itocpogo il 02/02/2018

Peter molds songs into works of art with his Great talent in arranging, mixing, orchestrating and performing musicianship! Peter respects Wikiloppers and looks to produce greatness to celebrate their talent. I am honored to be part of his albumThis album is a listening Joy!!

Fragments Of time.


Recensione scritta da Peterpingo il 02/02/2018

This album is a little collection of the latest tracks i have been apart of here on the loops. Every single track is made with deep respect and thankfulness to all the wonderful musicians and persons that have made this possible. Aswell gratefulness to the people behind wikiloops that make this possible. Thanks to all of you. Love you all.
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