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#IMACYCLIST: The Musical

#IMACYCLIST: The Musical
Info su questo album:
This is collection of songs about something I am a wee bit passionate about - cycling. Strung together, I feel that they tell something of a story, maybe like in a musical. Many, many, many thanks to all my Wikiloops mates who have inspired me to write lyrics and sing on these tracks. OK, final curtain call, lights on, let's go!!!Dadinator Creata da: Dadinator il 02/25/2018

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Yea Glad I got the Part


Recensione scritta da ArkRockStudio il 02/25/2018

Cool Musical.

Pedal Power!


Recensione scritta da WanHu il 09/02/2020

Not enough cycling songs in the world, IMHO. I did one with Cody Trip a while back #47551 but you're getting close to that elusive Chris Spedding vibe ;)
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