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Behind the Door

Behind the Door
Info su questo album:
Behind the door...
A real symbol which could come under many philosophic aspects.
Find answers, secrets, unexpected or delight there.
Behind this door, I found of the sharing.
And I also shared.
Shared my idea of the music simply. Shared by the feelings with the musicians, to share the idea that there will be always somebody behind...
It is in a small group that I am the most comfortable. The harmonica is a quite small instrument, but it is big of passion and expressiveness.
I thank him for the happiness which he gives to me, and I thank every these fabulous musicians, with many heart and me one given by beautiful meetings.
"Merci beaucoup à" Marc, João, Balfo, Relativity, Cody, Robjol, Gabriel, Frankie J, Bluesfan, Frenzie, Irlenn..., And Arno. titi Creata da: titi il 05/21/2018

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Beautiful Music


Recensione scritta da TeeGee il 06/06/2018

I listened to it several times this afternoon, I enjoyed the soft melodic playing of Titi, and the selection of songs very much :)

The harmonica and the artist


Recensione scritta da jjdf il 05/25/2018

This is a huge beautiful selection of harmonica pieces from the great musician and player Thierry. It's an honor for me being here among so great musicians... 🎶🎼🎵👍

Ah titi


Recensione scritta da FrankieJ il 05/24/2018

Wonderful music, wonderful player :)

Mais quel album !!


Recensione scritta da ARNOSOLO il 05/22/2018

Bravo mon pote pour ces formidables moments que tu partages avec nous. Très bel album.

Soul & heart between the lips


Recensione scritta da Tofzegrit il 05/22/2018

You deliver us so many emotions

Magic player


Recensione scritta da Marceys il 05/21/2018

Your play is always rich and loaded with great feeling! Love your playing! Keep giving these presents here on WL, everyone is enjoying them a lot i’m sure! Cheers, Marc

The entertaining harp


Recensione scritta da frenzie il 05/21/2018

Just keep entertsining us with your wonderful harp playing Thierry :) :)

So many fine tracks


Recensione scritta da Wade il 03/04/2021

I'd missed many of these first time around. So good to have the pick of them available that Thierry thinks are some of his best. What a great harp player!
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