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Hey Wikiloopers,
this is my first compilation on the loops.I hope you enjoy the different styles and sounds.Thanks a lot to all the great poeple and your music.Thanks for your support and inspiring me to join.
All the best my friends!Jolux Creata da: Jolux il 07/27/2018

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Spacey music


Recensione scritta da Caroljoyce il 07/31/2018

This is a soft album for sweet souls. Thank you Joachim for producing this great album of various styles. Magic music to me.

Understated Coolness!!!


Recensione scritta da mortheol il 07/29/2018

I am so happy to be part of this cool collection of music from Joachim. Joachim has a "Super Cool Coolness" to his playing and his approach. Rock on my Friend!!:W

Wow !!!


Recensione scritta da Mikebanez il 07/27/2018

Wow!! so much versatility, style, and creativeness all in one album. Thank you for having me on it. Always great to jam with you Joachim :)

Great Collection


Recensione scritta da frankyguitar il 07/27/2018

Great collection !! Very cool music, all are different and really it makes fun to listen this album. Super Joachim, ich freue mich sehr dass ich auch dabei sein darf :W :D



Recensione scritta da AKchen il 07/27/2018

to this fab album Joachim (so heisst du doch? ;)) ... spheric, mysthicism, experiment & some rock ... GREAT!!

Variety, order, communication


Recensione scritta da josepssv il 07/27/2018

Like the life!! Thank you Jolux!! :-)

A very cool collection of music.


Recensione scritta da davidaustin il 07/27/2018

Thanks for including me on this album Joachim, and thanks for all the jams my friend, always fun.
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