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Globe Trotter #2

Globe Trotter #2
Info su questo album:
2nd opus of my walks on your wonderful compositions dear friends.
Music from different cultures that you know very well how to stage.
I just have to let my violin run around ... THANKS TO ALL !!!
Compilation of tracks from January to December 2019

Jypeka Creata da: Jypeka il 05/01/2021

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Musical tribal trip !!


Recensione scritta da GlezBass il 05/02/2021

This is the first impression that comes to mind when listening to this album by Jean Paul !! What can I say about Jean Paul? An excellent musician, a great sense of humor, great musical sensitivity, an expert violin player that for me is a very difficult instrument ... I don't think I have yet heard any out of tune notes on the violin in his tracks !!! From here I send you my best wishes to recover! Thanks for thinking of me for this trip !!!

super trip


Recensione scritta da ERWAN il 05/02/2021

a beautiful illustration of the wikiloops world : Here we can play the violin without the classical Hugo Boss costume ! Glad to play music with you JP and glad to be on this opus 2 too

Excellent album !


Recensione scritta da ARNOSOLO il 05/03/2021

Bravo JP, ca fait plaisir de faire partie de ce tour du monde ;-)

Amazing album, my friend!


Recensione scritta da Andri il 05/02/2021

I think you have created an album full of many trends and good friends and great musicians. Thanks for including me in it. Fantastic!

Feast For My Ears


Recensione scritta da deezee il 05/02/2021

Great Album!! Thank you for adding me :)

Excellent world music !!!


Recensione scritta da Filo974 il 05/06/2021

Vraiment top cet album world à télécharger d'urgence !!! Merci WL ! 1000 mercis Jean Paul 🙏👍
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