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Blues with wikiloopers vol II.

Blues with wikiloopers vol II.
Info su questo album:
A Blues album with many wikiloopers that I am very happy to have jamed with, there are so many good musicians here on Wikiloops.And a big thank you to everyone who is with me here and everyone else I have jamed with.
slin ...slin Creata da: slin il 05/03/2019

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Nils = blues


Recensione scritta da frenzie il 05/03/2019

Juse perfect blues album my friend! Besides the great vocals your sounds and mixes are always top notch ;);) great working with you bro!!:):)

Ho god


Recensione scritta da titi il 05/04/2019

Beautiful Blues compilation. Convinced and convincing singer Nils knows how to transport us into his universe Blues with strength and feeling !

Genuine Bluesman


Recensione scritta da Ernie440 il 10/18/2021

the real deal and glad to be part of the project, nice work Nils! :W:D

Awesome track!


Recensione scritta da jaimeini il 11/20/2020

Just discovered Wikiloops right now and I stumbled into this song, I'm amazed, such a great song. Thanks!

A contributor you look forward to posting


Recensione scritta da Bothen il 05/08/2019

His songs are never dull and range from pure fun to sad melancholy. Thanks for having me hear Nils, it's always a treat to play on one of your songs.

Love the blues


Recensione scritta da Navota il 05/05/2019

Great album and artists

slin wikiblues


Recensione scritta da Charli56 il 05/04/2019

Fantastic Blues Album slin.

The BluesMan at work


Recensione scritta da Pewi il 05/04/2019

Hi Nils, it's a high light for me every time you upload a track! I thank you for your music and your voice:) It's an honor to be here with you.

Terrific Album nils


Recensione scritta da kmoon235 il 05/04/2019

What a great collection you put together here Nils. Thank you for the honor of being included on this album. keith

Fantastic Bluesman


Recensione scritta da Stef il 05/04/2019

Always a joy to listen to your voice and your tracks and above all be involved in first person! A great collection for a splendid Bluesman!

The wiki Blues . Voice


Recensione scritta da jjdf il 05/04/2019

great songs my friend!!! :W:D excellent collection...

Excellent blues


Recensione scritta da deezee il 05/03/2019

Great blues album Thanks Nils
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