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Fireplace Songs

Fireplace Songs
Info su questo album:
Here some songs for a winterday enjoyed making them and want to thank all of you for sharing your music. I'm very lucky that I can play together with such talented musicians. Navota Creata da: Navota il 01/05/2020

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flying in the wind


Recensione scritta da ERWAN il 01/05/2020

Beautiful collection where Navota's flute makes the link between each track. i'm glad to have met you on Wikiloops my friend

Many Thanks Navota


Recensione scritta da kmoon235 il 01/05/2020

Thanks Navota for including me among the outstanding musicians-like you-on this album-I am truly honored my friend.:) keith

Beautiful Flute Music


Recensione scritta da Ernie440 il 01/06/2020

Always enjoy your adds Navota and this album is a nice collection of your work .. also proud to be playing on 3 of these tunes with you!!

Great album


Recensione scritta da ARNOSOLO il 01/06/2020

Thx so much to this cool album !


Recensione scritta da StJray il 01/06/2020

Hey Navota, Bravo for these magnificent collaborations and thank you for having selected one of mine. Congratulation to all participants! Ray

Thx ...


Recensione scritta da PianomanHL il 05/28/2020

Thank you for beeing part of this wonderful Album..!
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