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Tribune to Zobi-Marmotte (Vol. 2 of 4)

Tribune to Zobi-Marmotte (Vol. 2 of 4)
Info su questo album:
If the first tribute album to Zobi-Marmotte has a touch of soul-jazz, here the second tribute album has a folk-indie-pop tendency. Volume 2 of 4 is pleasant to listen to while sipping a glass of red, painting a canvas or reading a novel! :)
Thank you very much to everyone who participated in this album and to all those who brought their sparks of creativity to the other versions.

RayStJray Creata da: StJray il 05/21/2020

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Moments of inspiration


Recensione scritta da Andri il 05/21/2020

I think this album is full of good moments of inspiration and incredible music. Good job from all the participants.

Simply ... excellent!!


Recensione scritta da GlezBass il 05/21/2020

Excellent compilation and great tribute! Personally for me it´s a honor are included in this album!! Very nice!


Recensione scritta da Timy il 05/21/2020

Thank you for letting me know about the Zobi-Marmotte tribute album. The tunes are all excellent but I have a crush on the last one! Bravo to you and ‘Marmotte’ and also to all the other musicians. Tim

Wonderful collection from a wonderful musician.


Recensione scritta da Wade il 05/25/2020

Mostly tracks I know with a few surprises. What a wonderful display of the talent here gathered around Ray.

Great musicians - great album


Recensione scritta da Offfocus il 05/24/2020

This is just a favourite album from my favourite msucians! Thank you guys for this lovely music!!

Wonderful music and wonderful musicians


Recensione scritta da khangurumc il 05/23/2020

Thanks to all the participants,really proud to be part of this album and special thanks to Ray for his work.

Beautiful Album!


Recensione scritta da Ernie440 il 05/22/2020

Happy to be included in this great music! Nice job Ray!


Recensione scritta da Jypeka il 05/22/2020

Que des tubes ! Ray en cuisine et sauce Charmotte



Recensione scritta da Diamant il 05/21/2020

Thanks Ray for this beautiful album. Your tracks inspired Marmotte and the team for the best. Félicitations!

Wonder Zobi 2 !


Recensione scritta da Filo974 il 05/21/2020

Once again, LoOOoovely album,Ray ! what's your potion ?!!? :D j'attends la suite... ;)
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