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With great pleasure I present my second collection this year! I would like to thank all the musicians - as a flutist it used to be rather difficult for me to find musicians who allowed me the room.
It gives me great pleasure to make music with all of you!Pewi Creata da: Pewi il 11/30/2020

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What a wonderful album


Recensione scritta da wjl il 11/30/2020

And what a great honour to be part of it :) Thanks Peter, downloaded right away :)


Recensione scritta da FrankieJ il 12/07/2020

Until I join wikiloops I never had the opportunity to perform with the flutist. I am honored to be included in your works. Thank you Peter.

Gooooood !


Recensione scritta da Filo974 il 12/02/2020

Really happy and honored to be on your new album :) Many thanks Peter

I feel honourd


Recensione scritta da Blueberry il 12/02/2020

I feel honourd to be a little part of your wonderful music.

Wonderful tracks


Recensione scritta da btrasher il 12/01/2020

A great selection of your wonderful tracks .i'm so happy to play on your album with all those great musicians.

Vielfältiges Talent


Recensione scritta da Cantaloopo il 12/01/2020

Ein interessantes Album mit erstaunlicher, musikalischer Vielfalt und Bandbreite! Du bist ein toller Musiker, Peter, und ich freue mich sehr, dass ich mit einem kleinen Beitrag auf diesem Sampler vertreten bin!

A great album.


Recensione scritta da slin il 11/30/2020

I am very happy to be on this album a fantastic collection Peter.;)

Wonderful album


Recensione scritta da Stef il 11/30/2020

A pleasure and an honor to play with such a refined and sensitive musician as you are. Thanks Peter!

Superb album


Recensione scritta da khangurumc il 11/30/2020

I am very honor to be on this beautiful album with such great musicians,Thank you Peter.

Great musical diversity


Recensione scritta da Carpenter il 11/30/2020

This is a brilliant collection of some fine Wikiloops-collaborations, Pewi. Thanks so much for having me included:)

Fantastic album


Recensione scritta da ARNOSOLO il 11/30/2020

Thx so much my friend to share great jams with us ;-)

Peter & Friends 2020/2


Recensione scritta da StJray il 11/30/2020

I am always happy to collaborate with Peter and here I am particularly very honored to be part of this beautiful lineup of musicians! Well done Peter, thanks to you, well done everyone, Ray

breathing master at work


Recensione scritta da OliVBee il 11/30/2020

It is really a treat to be able to enjoy your playing on wikiloops ! needless to mention the delight to share musical fun with you ;) looking forward to more in 2021 ! :D

A great showcase of Peter's tracks


Recensione scritta da Wade il 11/30/2020

Versatility and multi-instrumental playing are hallmarks of Peter's fine playing and the tracks here that he's enhanced by his exceptional musical presence.



Recensione scritta da Acousticeg il 11/30/2020

It's is indeed an honor to join you and all the very talented musicians on this album. Acousticeg
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