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... isn't ours at all...

... isn't ours at all...
Info su questo album:
My twelfth album since joining Wikiloops in early February 2018, and you can see (or rather hear) me switching from my electric fretless to an upright bass and back.

Thanks to all my friends and awesome musicians with whom I had the honour and pleasure to play here, and thanks also that I could try myself on the new (to me) instrument, both in how to play it and also how to record it well on your wonderful tracks.

And thank you to Richard and all the supporters of Wikiloops without whom this also wouldn't have been possible.wjl Creata da: wjl il 09/13/2020

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a cool collection.


Recensione scritta da slin il 09/24/2020

thanks so much for including me here Wolfgang.;)

Well done band! A really nice collection of Wikiloops's best!


Recensione scritta da TeeGee il 09/14/2020

Keep on doing this Wolfgang :)

goodie goodie goodies ...


Recensione scritta da Cantaloopo il 09/13/2020

Didn't have the time to listen carefully yet, but I'm very fond of being part of your section! Thank you Wolfgang.

superbe compilation


Recensione scritta da ERWAN il 09/13/2020

superb compilation, beautiful choice in the sequence of tracks and the sound other the CD is well balanced. A collection to be listen without moderation. Thank you for including me, i'm happy to be by your side

Fretless or upright ?


Recensione scritta da Shi il 09/13/2020

what a nice compilation this is and hearing both of your Basses Wolfgang is a treat :) and thanks very much for including me on this cool album :)

Wonderful collection


Recensione scritta da Offfocus il 09/13/2020

This album (heard in the early morning)makes a very nice way into the day! And since it is Wolfgang's collection the leitmotiv are the wonderful bass lines .. Your bass playing is just perfect!

Yummy Collection of Sweets


Recensione scritta da Wade il 09/13/2020

Wolfgang always seems to know what to do with a track to bring out the best.

Awesome various choice !


Recensione scritta da Filo974 il 09/13/2020

J'adore ! Merci Wolfgang de m'avoir inclus sur ce formidable album
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