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Voices V2

Voices V2
Info su questo album:
This album version 2 compilation of tracks featuring some of our wonderful singer/songwriters here on Wikiloops.
Thank You for the wonderful songs. Thank you to all the players who provided instrumentation for these tracks.
FrankieJ Creata da: FrankieJ il 04/29/2021

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Inspiration spell on singers


Recensione scritta da Tofzegrit il 05/01/2021

All these songs started because of you :) It’s your own fault, guilty Frankie !!

Thank YOU Frankie


Recensione scritta da Shi il 04/30/2021

Such a privilege to be a part of this album Frankie and in such good company here. May I thank you for your beautiful music and the inspiration :)

I love it.


Recensione scritta da ROBJOL il 04/30/2021

I love all the great singers and lyricists here. And your melodic songs are perfect so they can express their talent.

Bravo Frankie!


Recensione scritta da gwailoah il 04/30/2021

What a brilliant concept - honouring the lyricists and singers who have tapped into your amazing guitar playing to express their creativity. It is such a treat to be able to write and sing to your gift of guitar. And to have us all collected is uniquely special. Bravo Frankie!!

Thank You, Frankie!


Recensione scritta da Andel il 04/30/2021

...for your wonderful musical ideas and the great honor to be part of this nice selection of songs. Enjoyed this album very much, because I love all singers here.

A magnetic guitarist


Recensione scritta da titi il 04/30/2021

Your talent as a melodist and guitarist is unanimous among our singers. As thanks ;)

Instant download


Recensione scritta da wjl il 04/30/2021

What a great honour to be included in this wonderful collection - and since this is a FrankieJ album I downloaded it even before listening. Thanks for that great gift, and for your wonderful songs and guitar playing Frankie :)

Very honoured


Recensione scritta da bassman78fr il 04/29/2021

I am honoured to be a contributor to this beautiful compilation. It is every time a real pleasure to contribute to your compositions. :)

Wonderful voices and music of Wikiloops


Recensione scritta da TeeGee il 05/07/2021

This is a beautiful collection of songs, sometimes I can't believe how good the quality of music is here. Keep it up everybody!
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