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H.H.4 La Emboscada 2021

H.H.4 La Emboscada 2021
Info su questo album:
To thank the Headless Horsemen for this album, who are always in the starting position and David's fabulous templates and also to Ron, Adu, Mika and Charli, who accompanied us in this possible Mission with four fantastic Jams...
Gracias a Wikiloops...ivax Creata da: ivax il 06/09/2021

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Ezdrummer DirkL ivax Charli56 Mika Tohve davidaustin adu mortheol

The Horsemen ride again..


Recensione scritta da davidaustin il 06/09/2021

Another fantastic album Xavi, I thank you for all the work in putting these albums together, amazing musicians and great fun. You all make any template/noodle sound fantastic, we never had a lockdown on the loops it is one continuous jam. Gracias mi amigo.

My Friends..The H.H.


Recensione scritta da mortheol il 06/10/2021

I consider you all my Dear Friends and Wikiloops is our playground. Javier is the glue that binds us together...forever grateful to you mi amigo.

tremendo disco y banda


Recensione scritta da mrrockero il 06/10/2021

genial disco amigo y tiene una fuerza natural de la banda,me gusta porque logra un estilo muy particular y sonoridad propia al participar los mismos musicos,gran trabajo amigo felicitaciones a todos

Dear Hermano Javier, a powerful amigo!!!!


Recensione scritta da DirkL il 06/10/2021

This amigo Javier is sharp like a whip, and slick like a Fox, thus we have Zorro. Yes my friends everyone around HH is so important to me, I am so thankful for you all every day. Without eachother our music never would have been made. I believe the results have been fun and worth our efforts. We continue to tempt the seas, and will continue to uncover new lands and untapped booty.

Going H.H.


Recensione scritta da Ezdrummer il 06/09/2021

Thank you brother for your tireless diligence in giving great prominence to our efforts. Ezio
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