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Fly with us

Fly with us
Info su questo album:
A tribute to guitarist JEF29730. A small collection of songs I have done with him. and huge gratitude to the other players that make it happen in no particular order Martin, Mika, Ernie, Hugo, Peter, Klaus, Nick, Rudy and of course Jef Enjoy !!!axenvocs Creata da: axenvocs il 12/03/2021

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mpointon JEF29730 Ernie440 axenvocs Dafunkydrummer rootshell PJE Mika Tohve fblack RUDYBASS



Recensione scritta da rootshell il 12/05/2021

I got to enjoy this album on my walk today, great list of killer jams! Epic collection Gary!

Great Musicians and friends


Recensione scritta da ivax il 12/04/2021


Awesome Collection


Recensione scritta da Ernie440 il 12/04/2021

So glad to be involved with so many rockin' tracks brother Gary. Always a good time jammin' with you!


Recensione scritta da JEF29730 il 12/03/2021

Santa Claus came before his time for me😁 that makes me very happy, thank you very much Gary🤘and thank you to our playmates😉🤘😈🤘
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