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Amazing Wiki Vocals - Alice

Amazing Wiki Vocals - Alice
Info su questo album:
Second Album of “Amazing Wiki Vocals” dedicated to the extraordinary voice of Alice who left an indelible mark in WL. The Album contains 14 songs in which I was lucky enough to participate and which I hope will represent a small tribute to this fantastic female singer.
A special thanks goes to all the musicians involved in this album and to Wikiloops.Stef Creata da: Stef il 09/21/2022

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The Gift for the Soul


Recensione scritta da GlezBass il 09/23/2022

Thank you Stefano for including me in this selection, there are tracks that I had forgotten, and hearing Alice again with those magical Hammonds keyboards is a pleasure for the ears!!!

Excellent Tribute


Recensione scritta da Bothen il 09/23/2022

Excellent Stef, Alice is missed around these haunts. Your playing here is equally as impressive.


Recensione scritta da FrankieJ il 09/21/2022

Wonderful album and tribute Mr. Stef Thank you :) I sure do miss Alice

Beautiful album


Recensione scritta da frenzie il 09/21/2022

Alice is a treasure with her superb voice. I like how you gave hear the apriciation she deserves. Thnx Stefano
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