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Oofirin kultaa

Oofirin kultaa
Info su questo album:
Gold of Ophir. Ophir is mentioined in the Bible as a wealthy port or region. in general. King Solomon received a cargo from Ophir every three years, 1 Kings 10:22 which consisted of gold, silver, sandalwood, pearls, ivory, apes, and peacocks.
Cover photo by Catherine G on Unsplash PetriHaapa Creata da: PetriHaapa il 03/12/2020

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Recensione scritta da Caroljoyce il 03/13/2020

Good to be part of this one, with your music and Jypeka’s ! Thank you Pétri. 🤗



Recensione scritta da PDMuzak il 03/13/2020

Nice drum track for everyone to work with. I had fun on this one.
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