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Blues with Bass & More

Blues with Bass & More
Info su questo album:
A set of Blues tracks with only one other instrument at various tempos and styles. Can be practice tracks, or adds welcome for the next album. Thanks to all the great wikiloopers I was lucky enough to join on these tracks BossHen Creata da: BossHen il 02/14/2016

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Recensione scritta da Tofzegrit il 02/16/2016

Cool idea to bring several different way of Bluesing :)
I agree with the nice side of this Album: Play it and practice over
Bravo Boss !


Recensione scritta da carlottis il 06/14/2018

Muchas gracias no me había dado cuenta (ando bastante despistado) es una recopilación genial de varios estilos diferentes de hacer blues
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