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Wikifunk #2

Wikifunk #2
Info su questo album:
Some fairly recent completed funk tunes featuring the mighty array of talent found on Wikiloops. As always, a complete pleasure playing with you guys and girls!

All tracks are instrumental.mpointon Creata da: mpointon il 07/15/2016

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The story continuous!


Recensione scritta da Marceys il 07/15/2016

Hey Martin,

Another very cool collection of tracks you did and i was lucky to be part of a few here!

It is always a joy to add to your tracks or when you add to our tracks! You just know wich way a track got to go!

Thanks for your cool music!


You've got the funk!!!


Recensione scritta da Funkystan il 07/15/2016

Almost everything is said in the title ^^
Huge pleasure to play with you or to listen to you Martin.
I'm proud to be part of some of your tracks and in this album.
Thanks a lot Martin ^^

and still the funky fun :)


Recensione scritta da OliVBee il 07/15/2016

great collection of awsome wiki-talent :) thanks a bunch for featuring me in these !
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