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AKchen 3

AKchen 3
Info su questo album:
hi dear loopers & listeners ... wonderful templates and adds ... your music always make my days ... thank you so much :)AKchen Creata da: AKchen il 08/24/2016

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Madame sings


Recensione scritta da titi il 08/24/2016

Underground and moved, AKchen is capable of quite the vocal boldnesses.
Cabaret artist, her walks on all the styles with originality.
A pleasure and an honor to find me on this album.

AKchen- always a good choose


Recensione scritta da frankyguitar il 08/24/2016

Great music, made with heart, soul and brain ! A pleasure to listen.
Thank my dear that I could be a small part in this cool album.

A good selection


Recensione scritta da GlezBass il 08/24/2016

A good sample and selection of your music, thanks for including me in your collection is an honor for me
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