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You Are the Ocean and I Am the Shore
Was ich noch sagen wollte ...
On foreign Trails
On the Road Back
School Bus Diaries
Rockin The Loops - woXey & friends
Sing me a song
Album A4
Hip Hop Jams
Jamming with Friends
Music for the People
Hip Hop Jams II
The Bass and the Treble
Tell Me Where To Begin
Some Traction - Small Gems
Groovy Tunes
Can you feel ?
Album E1
hip to the hop
So Dope
Variety Store
sing a song 3
The Electric Sky
This is the Time
Fire in the Sky
Rock n Hip Hop
Any Way I Go
Precious Time
Wikiworks 14
Words and Music
Get the Funk Out
Down with the Grooves
bvuster started it!
Hip Hop Hits
The Guru


  1. Maggio 05 2021
    Funk remixato da bhunt1 al/alla Mixer & Basso Traccia # 217276
    The Funky Hammond
    di slin & bhunt1
  2. Maggio 05 2021
    Funk remixato da bhunt1 al/alla Basso Traccia # 217254
    Funk Included
    di Baerenkind & bhunt1
  3. Maggio 05 2021
    Rock remixato da bhunt1 al/alla Mixer & Basso Traccia # 217230
    A Message to my Ex ft. Ark9
    di WhiteDrum55 & bhunt1

Biografia e influenze musicali

I played in two classic rock cover bands called The Delmartinis and the Stockbridge Band.


I am a lefty bass player

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Novembre 13 1958

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