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  1. Luglio 28 2019
    Jazz-Rock remixato da mpointon al/alla Batteria Traccia # 168337
    The Wheel Of Life - Oli Mix
  2. Giugno 22 2019
    Funk remixato da mpointon al/alla Mixer Traccia # 165980
    Fisco Dunky
  3. Giugno 03 2019
    Pop remixato da Tofzegrit con mpointon Traccia # 164629
    Pianissimo Fusionare
  4. Maggio 09 2019
    Rock remixato da ivax con mpointon Traccia # 163164
    Velvet Sun IV el Reencuentro
  5. Febbraio 27 2019
    Jazz-Rock remixato da Tofzegrit con mpointon Traccia # 158701
    Half Terms (Mix/edit)
  6. Gennaio 21 2019
    Jazz-Rock remixato da mpointon al/alla Batteria Traccia # 155948
    Sixth Sense
  7. Gennaio 13 2019
    Jazz-Rock remixato da Tofzegrit con mpointon Traccia # 155386
    Dig This
  8. Dicembre 18 2018
    Electronic remixato da Molber con mpointon Traccia # 153432
    Everything is good again
  9. Dicembre 14 2018
    Jazz-Rock remixato da mpointon al/alla Batteria Traccia # 153098
    Cloud Bumpers
  10. Dicembre 13 2018
    Funk remixato da mpointon al/alla Batteria Traccia # 153017
    A Sunny Day - OliV Remix
  11. Settembre 15 2018
    Jazz remixato da OliVBee con mpointon Traccia # 146678
    Two Suns - Fivestringer mix
  12. Gennaio 07 2018
    Jazz remixato da KaiPlan con mpointon Traccia # 126509
    I'll Take That (+ upright)
  13. Ottobre 28 2017
    Samba remixato da nadrek con mpointon Traccia # 119970
    Let's Party!
  14. Settembre 18 2016
    Jazz remixato da marmotte con mpointon Traccia # 84108
    Relax Just A Little + BackVocs
  15. Maggio 17 2016
    Rock remixato da Wade con mpointon Traccia # 73268
    Crumbled Universe...Yum!


Biografia e influenze musicali

I'm bald. I play drums. What's not to like? (probably lots!)

Been playing around 35 years on and off. Worked professionally in my early '20s after graduating from Musician's Institute (MI) in London but unfortunately ended up in software development not long after in order to make a decent living. Still there.

But drums (along with flying gliders) has always been and always will be my primary interest. I'm no longer an active gigging drummer, partly for recent health reasons but mainly because I can't find a band I want to be in, so Wikiloops is my primary musical outlet. I'm always striving to improve my playing and learn as much as I can. You're never too old or too experienced to learn new things from other musicians.


- 8-Piece Yamaha 9000 (Recording Custom) all-birch kit in rare Cobalt Blue. Sizes are: 22x16, 18x16, 16x16, 14x12, 13x11, 12x10, 10x10, 8x8. Rarely use more than a five-piece configuration (due to shortage of mics if nothing else!), usually 10x10, 13x11, 14x12, 22x16 in a 'one up, two down' configuration.

- Spaun four-piece all-maple kit. Sizes are: 22x18, 16x14, 12x8.

- Snares:
14x4.5 1964 Ludwig 400 Supraphonic
14x5 Yamaha 8000 mahogany
14x5 Handmade (by me!) Premier Birch/Eucalyptus XPK
13x3 Pearl Brass Piccolo

dispositivi di registrazione

2 x Shure SM57 for snare top and bottom
2 x Audio-Technica AT-8118 gooseneck tom mics
2 x Audio-Technica AT-8030 condenser overheads
AKG D112 Kick mic

Terratec 8-in Firewire interface
6-in compact mixer providing extra phantom power for tom mics

2015 MacBook Pro Retina running Reaper and Waves Gold Suite v9 plugins

Data di nascita

Gennaio 1 1973

Dati statistici:

Caricamenti pubblici: 660
Fans (“Mi piace” ricevuti):12.009
“Mi piace” assegnati: 4.079
Commenti scritti: 3.233
Post nel Forum: 432
Remix ottenuti: 5.178
Ascolti totali:4.743.498
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