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  1. Maggio 28 2022
    Folk remixato da notebynote al/alla Wavedrum Traccia # 245140
    Cornflower Fileds in the Wave
  2. Maggio 15 2022
    Jazz remixato da notebynote al/alla Basso Traccia # 244217
    Havanna smoke
  3. Aprile 29 2022
    World remixato da notebynote al/alla Bass, Drums, Synth Traccia # 243191
    Candlelight in the Dark Corner
    di donsk & notebynote


Biografia e influenze musicali

Born in Cologne. Musician since 1975
Early influences by Mahavishnu Orchestra, Eberhard Weber, Santana, J.S. Bach and many many more just to mention the ones who had the biggest impact on me.
Bought a Korg 01/w synth in 1991 on Atari 1024, started to compose my own stuff. Not bad though, still enjoy when I listen to it.
Being a percussionist (cuban-latin style) until an accident stopped my slow-motion career, then switched to Bass. Stopped playing as a pro and began learning computer stuff like Excel and db-programming. Quit this job 2008 for a 2-year journey mostly in Asia. Met my (austrian) wife and moved to Austria. Happy.


Bass, Keys, Percussion, Drums a bit, Korg Wavedrum Global Edition

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Logic, Focusrite 18i20, Yamaha HS7, Sandberg & Phantom Bass both 4-string

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