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Guitar is played by Fanne (Johnv). He's been visiting New Zealand and this was his last night in NZ which he spent at my house. We had a short play and this was the last tune. Completely improvised on the spot inspiration. Others welcome to join in. Note: NO SET TEMPO!
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well, I certainly hope that's not Johns last tune :)
thanks for sharing this moment with us, Wade.
Maggio 02 2018 22:09:17
Wade I sure hope it's not John's last either! He's probably still in transit back to Belgium via the Chinese airline he chose (15 hour layover somewhere in China where he can't leave the airport). I hope he's pleased to find this waiting for him. Thanks Richard. +0
very beautiful track, Wade.. I think improv and inspiration is the real foundation of music.. excellent job by both of you :) <3+1
Maggio 02 2018 22:10:29
Wade Thanks Don. It fortunately didn't take a lot of editing (just shortening), so kind of as it happened. +1
Good to hear your latest collab, Wade!!! Your horn perfectly and soulfully complements John's awesome guitar part!!! :):):)+1
Maggio 02 2018 22:17:09
Wade OK, it's confession time. The breathy soulful sound is partly because my wife had gone to bed and I had to play as quietly as possible. Thanks soulsushi! +2
Maggio 02 2018 23:36:49
soulsushi It sure would have been worth her while to have stayed up to hear you play this!!! :D:D:D +1
Maggio 03 2018 00:08:57
Wade Ha! Maybe you are lucky and don't have a "music widow"? +1
Sounds GREAT!! :W+1
Maggio 02 2018 22:17:28
Wade Cheers Ernie! +1
Really good to listen to you both. Enjoy each other and greetings to you both :):):)+1
Maggio 02 2018 22:18:31
Wade Thanks titi. John's on his way back to Belgium, so hopefully he'll get your greeting. +1
Such a great improvisation my friend!! I can hear how you both had a great time playing this. Nice to listen to your music again :)+1
Maggio 02 2018 22:20:16
Wade Very kind of you Guadana. John's a fine guitarist and it's such a pleasure to have a live play. +0
Good to hear you again Wade! Very beautiful ambience you two created here!+1
Maggio 02 2018 22:21:39
Wade Thanks Marc. Here's hoping when we meet up in August there will be lots more live music to be created. +0
I can't believe it!!!! NO CLICK track---heresy upon heresy!!!!!!!!
what is this I can't program drums or keys......or use replayed loops to ADD, You mean some one would have to synch with ya'll....what a crock......You mean someone would have to intently listen to the each of you....WHAT A CROCK........ (downloading)

NO matter how many likes you get--it only matter the size of cahonies and the putting the Add where the like is!:D
Maggio 02 2018 22:23:04
Wade Ha! You're such a character! Haven't heard your contribution yet, but am so glad that you're not addicted to click tracks. Let it BREATHE!!! +1
Hey wade wonderful add!! :) :) cool track! You play beautiful together! With genuine feel and touch!! <3+1
Maggio 02 2018 22:30:24
Wade Thanks Frenzie. Actually not an add, it's live together pretty much as it happened. I don't get as much chance to play live anymore, but certainly enjoyed playing with John. Thanks! +1
Maggio 03 2018 08:01:48
frenzie Extra cool you got to record it then :) :) +1
Good to listen to your beautiful sax and Johns sensitive guitar playing again.+1
Maggio 02 2018 22:32:27
Wade Very kind of you to give a listen Marc. I've been absent for a while and missed so much fine music. This (being live) was an easy edit so was able to post it quickly. Very inspirational to play live with John. +1
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