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Very nice track from Erwan, I hope he will forgive me for this terrible mess on his cello. I broke my record of the number of voice tracks today, hence the name of the "song"...
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classical cacophony


so true Ms Marmotte....very creative vocal approach :)+2
Ottobre 18 2018 08:45:50
marmotte Thanks Shi, lot of fun piling up those 15 tracks +2
My daughter sung with the acapella group at Stanford. So I really like this. Great vocal mix.+2
Superbe ! :)+1
Wow awesome my friends! :o <3 :)+1
Clever stuff with so many layers that overlap yet don't conflict. Kind of a Koyaanisqats feel.+1
Ottobre 18 2018 06:01:53
wjl I also thought of that movie when hearing this... definitely has some in it :) And Charlotte reminds me a bit of here, an artist I love very much! :) +1
Ottobre 18 2018 08:44:19
marmotte Waow, I discovered the movie wich is available on youtube choped in 9 pieces, fantastic pictures and music and so modern despite its almost 40 years age. You obviously can't compare my 3 minutes of piled voices messily thrown there to this incredible piece of work though I am very much honored by this analogy :) +2
Ottobre 18 2018 20:58:57
Wade Well, that's two independent opinions that say we can compare it...and did! The movie was relevant then, and even more-so now. Your lyrics also match. +2
De la veine des scarabées qui se posent sur les balcons ...+1
Ottobre 18 2018 09:06:12
marmotte Je l'avais oubliée celle là ;). ça serait pas plutôt les poupées russes ?
Ottobre 18 2018 19:14:11
OliVBee ué c'est possible aussi ... +0
Ottobre 18 2018 19:19:14
marmotte Je l'avais pas écoutée depuis des lustres, je pense que c'est celle là
les cordes, les mélimélo, toussa
Ottobre 18 2018 19:24:18
OliVBee wèche c'était donc ça :) +0
<3<3 It's beautiful, I'm totally bewitched by your way of singing and the choice of text. A thousand thanks. Originally I composed this when I came out of a meeting where everyone was talking without actually listening and understanding each other. You read my mind+1
Ottobre 18 2018 08:37:22
marmotte C'est marrant ça ! Il faut croire que ta piste transpire de cette sensation, j'ai juste écouté. Les pistes voix se sont entassées, j'arrivais pas à m'arrêter d'en rajouter encore et encore (je crois que j'aurais pu en mettre le double mais c'était pas raisonnable), les mots sont venus à la fin comme une évidence. C'était le seul moyen de rendre cohérent le méli-mélo vocal... +1
Unbelievably good. Charlotte, your vocals here are off the map. And the mixdown - Merveilleux!! <3<3+1
Ottobre 18 2018 12:14:45
marmotte Thanks again Brian. Well, I didn't really mix, just panoramized slighlty differently each of the 15 tracks to enable a difference and deal with volume +0
total fun et en plus... ça sonne ! :)+1
Epic-ly beautiful marmotte. Really a special track in the very very best way (excuse my english) :D:o:W<3+1
Ottobre 19 2018 19:11:19
marmotte Thanks Peter (no problem with your english ;) ) +1
Ottobre 19 2018 19:23:36
Peterpingo :DB) +0
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