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Just at listening this wonderful track I felt the urge of record my jam, including some melody and lead solos over amazing fresh and rich live percussion drums by Baer, and tasteful piano and bass by GlezBass who created the harmonic progression over which I put the melody. Guitar: Godin xtSA, processor Boss GP-10 (Nyrac Acoustic Nylon guitar) Roland GR-55 Vibraphone and guitar unison with whistle, a little homage to Toots Thieleman who aside of harmonica player was a ...


This is wonderful,thanks for this beautiful moments.Congradulations to all the musicians.+2
Novembre 11 2018 13:23:55
Jazzpick Thanks khangurumc! we appreciate your kind words. :D +0
That’s one A train I’m happy to take any day. Beautiful 😗 whistling😀 your adds up the harmonic content so well and enhance the whole. Superb😎+2
Novembre 11 2018 13:22:13
Jazzpick Thanks, Alex :) You are becoming my favorite quote catcher ! <3 ;) I love that train too because his owner is a Duke and the driven a certain Billy :D chooo chooo!! :W +1
wow, this is truly phantastic!
I have to admit I'm not a big in knowing famous Jazz-Guitar-players at all, but this somehow brought back memories of listening to "the rite of strings" (Al di Meola on guitar) years ago.
Like the whistling & xylophone ads, too...
thanks for the ride, miraculous what you guys do with a little drumming template :)
Novembre 11 2018 11:17:58
GlezBass the music started in the history of man with beatings of drums .... thanks for the part that corresponds to me, but the cherry is from JazzPick (Carlos) ;) +1
Novembre 11 2018 13:13:40
Jazzpick Thanks for your words Baer, especially appreciated, I like your reference to Al Dimeola, since among many others he occupied a golden place in my early and later influences, including the incredible "The rite of strings" with Jean Luc Ponty, another one of my heroes.

"...miraculous what you guys do...."
I firmly believe in nested vibrations even in the most "little drumming template" traveling thru ether to be catched for well-tuned loopers like GezBass (Mario) and many more here capturing it as an antenna in resonance and then the magic emerges.

I wanted to ask you what drums you used and how you played them, it sounds very natural and lived! I love ethnic and world percussion, things like Hang Drum, tabla, cajon, bata, zurdo and so much more! :W
Novembre 11 2018 13:40:02
Baer thats a pearl session series drumset from the 90s played with quite worn hotrods (bundled thin wooden sticks).
I have just recently added some extra mics to the toms and am still in the process of making that sound nice (which is a sysyphus task to me).
I'm especially happy to see so many people seem to be attracted by this template, which isn't really polished, but rather "organic".
It does feel a bit odd to know one "competes" with programmed drums of excellent sound, so I like to try things one couldn't really programm easily ;)
Novembre 11 2018 14:00:47
Jazzpick Thanks Baer, nice information on the Pearl drum kit, I agree full with the "organic" character, you got it.

IMHO programmed drums when done by entering beats step by step via MIDI, never will match the "humanized" touch from a live track, being a intermediate point when programming drum samples is played live with a drum controller, pads, even a keyboard, since the subtle variations coming from a real human rhythmical performance does content an primal emotional response not possible to capture from "mathematical" 1001001010 sequencer inputs :D

Good luck with kit miking! :)
Amigo yo contigo flipo en colores!! (conocera la expresion...) esto es una jam de top level y no porque yo haya colaborado en la template, es por usted amigo!!! Vaya flipe!!
La mia es mas modesta en la linea de flauta solista jajaja #150685
Novembre 10 2018 23:28:27
Jazzpick Gracias graciaaaas! yo no hago nada sin su creativa e inspirada base señor, tremendo! :W +1
Novembre 10 2018 23:46:03
GlezBass el bum bum bum del groove bass siempre anima mucho jajaja +1
This is fantastic! Well played with a mix that is a real treat for the ears <3 :) Bravo! :o+1
Novembre 11 2018 00:48:36
Jazzpick Thanks WD! your contributions on many amazing drum tracks are part of that energy, thanks! :W <3 +1
great addition!!! :W:D+1
Novembre 11 2018 13:26:23
Jazzpick Thanks a lot jjdf !! :W +0
Wonderful! That completes the track quite nicely. And I share your respect for Toots, saw him when I was much younger, together with Jeff Berlin. Your track has the same quality as his did. :)+1
Novembre 11 2018 13:25:44
Jazzpick Thanks Wolfgang! Toots is a musical genius and an incredible warm sweet person! great you was able to saw him. :W +1
Novembre 11 2018 13:16:26
Jazzpick Thanks !! :W:Y +0
Nice one+1
Novembre 12 2018 14:05:15
Jazzpick Thanks jmrukkers +1
WoW JP:o
Top level playing playing and creativity!!:D
Fantastic playing and soul;)
Now I want a Godin:@
Novembre 12 2018 14:04:42
Jazzpick Thanks Mortheol! for your words. Go for! You will never regret with a Godin! :D:W +1
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