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OK, let's get this out of the way. I'm playing waaaaaaay over the top here. Like a cross between Carter Beauford and somebody trying to swat mosquitos whilst chasing a drum kit down a fire escape. But I love a chance to let rip. This track has too many different phrases to learn in a short sitting so I punched in as I learned the phrases I wanted to hit. The rest is just utterly winged. This is what happens when ...


GREAT! I like this! It's jamming! It was an impertinance to play with no structure - so it's all wonderful! :Y+1
Dicembre 17 2018 23:47:51
mpointon Thanks JMB. I think I should have another go without the messing about though! +0
Dicembre 18 2018 06:25:50
JMB65 I HAVE to comment more detailed.

You belong to the musicians where I always notice your time and love that you invest into the music. You are really listening! You check out. Try to sneak into the music and get in touch with the other player.

This needs time and dedication. That you do so is an encouragement for me to imitate! Good music can happen. But excellent music can not happen, excellent music is build this way!

So, notice that sometime I just want to jam around and you better do not work off yourself just because I made it easy for me, just jamming! You make feel me bad, guilty and blameworthy...

My idea - thats no joke! - is to go over it like a drumcomputer. You have the skills to do this likewise!

With great respect, Jörg <3
Funky and free! :W+1
Dicembre 18 2018 02:23:18
mpointon Thanks, man. There’s funky and free and hitting every damn note I can find! :| +1
Dicembre 18 2018 02:31:00
WhiteDrum55 Sounds great :D +0
Wow, you catch so many of my impros! *Very* good feeling! 0:10, 1:05, 1:14, 1:40, 1:52, 2:01(!), 2:18 and many more :)+1
funky crazy great :)+0
didn't think it would be long before someone joined in with this groovy bass from Jorg, funky drumming there Martin :)+0
yeah, very cool both of U's guys!! :W:W:D:Y+0
2 and 4 on the snare!!! Way cool Martin ^^ Thanks ^^+0
" The rest is just utterly winged." With lot's-O-soul Outstanding winging :D+0
1:40 RIP Mosquito:)
Powerful Kick !
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