Taming the Serpent

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Still going thru some backlog of unfinished tracks and ideas. This one was a done a few months ago, not sure where to go with it, so I will post it if usable. Played on my nylon string acoustic, feed with some some reverb and echo. Enjoy......


the idea you have here is great, it's fantastic ...:W+1
Marzo 02 2019 02:25:41
mortheol Thank you Julio, I almost deleted this track;):)
I will search for more:W
This makes a great template for adds Ron-sounds really good with those effects buddy:W<3:W
Marzo 02 2019 02:24:39
mortheol Hey Keith, thank you my friend:D
Awesome bass add to Solo's vocals and the remix with Mark's sax...LOVE IT<3
Lovely playing and a fine template.+1
Marzo 02 2019 02:23:39
mortheol Wade, thank you very much. I am always happy when I get your stamp of approval;):) +1
What I like here again Ron is that you can realize your idea of the sound of an acoustic guitar so wonderfully:)+1
Marzo 02 2019 02:23:02
mortheol Rene, your kind words and analysis always mean a lot to me...thank you.<3
I must do more of this;)
Super duper Sir Ron:D:D:D+1
Marzo 02 2019 02:22:02
mortheol Mr. Austin...I kindly thank you Sire;):) +1
There goes some time:D Watch out! Lemme see what comes up over hereB)B)+1
Marzo 02 2019 02:21:38
mortheol Mark, thank you so much for your add on this track. Another amazing sax add:W
I almost deleted this track from my HD.
Fantastic! I´m a guitarist too and I think this is amazing <3+1
Marzo 02 2019 02:20:43
mortheol I listen to your add Andri:o:D
You are an amazing guitar player:W
I am sorry I have missed you here on Wikiloops:@
Thank you so much for jamming with me on this!
<3<3 Wonderful Ron ,amigo :W+1
Marzo 02 2019 02:05:22
mortheol Thank you Xavi, makes me happy my Friend;) +1
You've created a really fantastic template here!!:)+1
Marzo 04 2019 21:08:22
mortheol Thank you very much Peter;) +0
Beautiful music Ron :)+1
Marzo 04 2019 21:11:27
mortheol Hi Rob, great to see you my friend:D
If inspiration hits you I can hear you here;)
All my best!
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