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I adapted the lyrics of a song written by the very talented and creative Dorothy(DeeZee) It's based on a song she wrote in 1984 entitled 'I Wonder What Will Happen To Me Now' I was completely out of my comfort zone in my attempt to create a reggae song with my Ovation and some Magix MM loops. Thanks for the invitation to work on this song with you Dorothy and sorry for my screw ups in posting it, all my ...
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Happy song !!! ;)+1
Giugno 13 2019 18:48:32
bluvation thanks:) +0
Great Song. Gonna add the Bass tonight.:)+1
Giugno 13 2019 18:49:01
bluvation Thank you:) +0
this made me smile blu :) thumbs from me and cool lyrics from Ms Dee and you as well :)+1
Giugno 13 2019 22:24:09
bluvation Thanks Shi! :) +1
I sent a message to Dick regarding not being able to edit the lyrics window. Just in case it's not clear above, copyright of the lyrics should be credited to Dorothy (DeeZee) This is my adaption of a song she wrote way back in 1984 entitled 'I Wonder What Will Happen To Me Now'
When I typed my adapted lyrics into the lyrics box it automatically added a Copyright icon next to my user name (bluvation)
Being this is her original song idea it's only fare that her user name and copyright should be included too! My apologies to her for not noticing when I posted it and not being able to correct it. As soon as the edit window is fixed I'll make sure it's corrected.
Giugno 14 2019 12:09:55
deezee Trying writing my artist name as small letters ' deezee at the top with your artist name bluvation in the lyrics box and not capitals DeeZee it might work then Gerry. Thanks for pointing it out.:) +1
Giugno 14 2019 12:43:08
deezee Fantastic song by the way. Really love this. Thank you Gerry<3<3<3:W:Y +1
Giugno 14 2019 13:16:41
Dick editing the lyrics is fixed, you may add the copyright note now (the bug was related to your upload being a multi-instrument-upload, thanks for the heads-up).
I may eventually add an option to reference a 3rd-party-lyrics author on the upload end, which is absolutely OK as long as two criteria are met:
the third party writer needs to be a member of wikiloops, AND
the lyrics have deliberately been shared on wikiloops, be it as part of a different upload OR via the "lyrics library" in the forum. Both cases would ensure the author has given consent to fellow wikiloopers to re-use the lyrics.
I'm not really sure if this is the case with theese lyrics here, if Dorothy passed them to you by PM, wikiloops has no kind of public record about that, so we wont be able to confirm your use of these lyrics is OK with Dorothy...
So, in short: such collaborations are a can of legal worms to open,
and I have not offered the option to reference third party authors on upload for exactly that reason - it might mislead users to think they were OK to use anyones lyrics on wikiloops.
We've been able to pretty much clarify the legal situation between the music collaborators since anyone grants the same rights during upload to wikiloops, we'd basicly need a similar right-sharing system on the lyrics (the lyrics library in the forum is a first step in that direction), and last an option to merge both systems...
Hope these background details give you a little better understanding of why it's alot easier to stick to "if you upload lyrics, wikiloops asks you to confirm you are the author of these lyrics", and to consider cases as this one here rather as a "not-pursued rule bending case" then to extend the offered options, expecting people to understand the legal complications and to act accordingly...
have a great friday now!
Giugno 14 2019 15:14:31
deezee Posted my original lyrics in the lyrics library now Dick :) I wonder what will happen to me now. +1
Giugno 14 2019 15:17:05
bluvation Thank you for fixing it Dick, I really appreciate it :W Thanks also for your clarification and explanation of copyright technicalities. I can see by your explaination that there's a lot more to it than the average person thinks about. It's easy to get caught up in the fun of collaborating with friends and forget about copyright rules. I understand now how important it is so thanks again for your help and explaination:W +1
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