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Played some rhodes and a synthy line... Too much rain to do anything else.... Marc


delicious to hear you sinking into this groove, Marc. i like the way you take your time getting to the different sections. beautiful chords - cool relationships, and your unique, incomparable rhythm. 2:43 - swell effect there. your focus is always fanTAStic. Neat-O!+4
Febbraio 24 2020 23:23:12
Marceys Thanks for your great way of commenting Anne! I enjoyed the play a lot, the synthy sound got a lot of expression control which is great to use! +1
Here the rain falls in ice, fortunately your composition warms my heart!:)<3:W+2
Febbraio 24 2020 23:18:02
Marceys Wish there was some snow here but..... no sight of that! Glad that the music warmed your heart! :) +0
Springtime in the Netherlands .. sounds like it's very close and this track sounds nice as well!! :W+2
Febbraio 24 2020 23:19:18
Marceys No real Winter here this year and i think Spring is showing his arrival indeed! :) +1
Febbraio 25 2020 00:54:20
Ernie440 Nice, same here really, not much snow and warm this week ... but I'm knocking on wood!! :D :W +2
Febbraio 25 2020 10:43:19
Marceys well, gotta get me some new wood here.... think one more week of fireplace and than i'm out..... :o +1
Febbraio 25 2020 12:43:11
Ernie440 "knock on wood" is a superstitious thing people do here to bring luck ... maybe you knew that .. lol

anyway .. I bet firewood is an expensive thing in all of Europe. I consider it expensive here in Canada and we have lots of wood. I pay $235.00 CDN (163 Euros) for a full cord of wood which is 4 ft x 4 ft x 8 ft in stacked size.

A bit of wood trivia for you Marc. Half of my home is heated with wood.
Febbraio 25 2020 13:09:21
Marceys Yeah, heard of that!
Firewood is a bit expensive indeed. I have ordered 3 cubic meter of ash wood for almost 400,- euro (576,10 Canadian Dollar)
But it is gives a great warmth and ambience to the room!
Febbraio 25 2020 13:11:58
Ernie440 Ouch! thanks for that Marc ... it is interesting to hear what's going on in other areas of the world. ... warmth and ambience is important!! :D:W 1 cord [firewood] is equal to 3.624556416 cubic meter. So that's interesting ... it's about what I would thought it would be. +1
Febbraio 26 2020 09:40:39
Marceys Far more expensive, more than double...but i am gonna do it anyway.... maybe the fireplaces are not allowed in cities anymore in a couple of’s bad for the health so they say..... think i will gonna live in my parents house in the middle of a forest next to a lake.... get my gear there.....hmmm, will miss my bands too much.... bad plan..... +0
Febbraio 26 2020 14:15:54
Ernie440 Sounds like a nice spot in Sweden, maybe U will retire there ... yeah they say that about wood smoke but it hardly makes any difference when you think of the cars on the streets of China and India for instance .. what a joke!! What about the massive forest fires all over the world, the planet has been dealing with that for a lot longer than people saying it's bad. :D +1
Marzo 01 2020 09:23:43
Marceys Very true! But when my neighbours have health difficulties because of my fireplace..... it will make me think again..... glad that isn’t the case at the moment....we live at the outskirts of a town... +1
Marzo 01 2020 19:53:31
Ernie440 I've killed several of my neighbors with my woodstove :D So quiet and relaxing here now .. hehehe :D +1
Very nice movements/sections in this that have lots of potential.+2
Febbraio 25 2020 10:41:14
Marceys Some different parts that could become a binding package with some help of other instruments :)
Enjoyed the synthy sound with the expression tools....
Agosto 13 2020 22:08:28
Wade Lots of downloads and adds still coming. Good one! Yes the variety of sounds and the way you're using them shows that you're comfortable with your new setup. So many keyboard setups just seem to be toys. A real musician finds their uses as tools. +1
Ahhh, that sounds real nice Marc ! :)
Febbraio 25 2020 23:47:00
Marceys Thanks a lot! :) +0
Nice mix. and chords.B)+2
Febbraio 26 2020 09:42:19
Marceys Thanks, enjoyed it! :) +0
quantum fluctuation comes into my mind, so nice!+1
Febbraio 24 2020 23:27:36
Marceys Very glad you like the track! :W +1
Got a great relaxing feel Marc, downloaded just taking time to feel it right<3+1
Febbraio 25 2020 13:10:59
Marceys Sometimes the best to get a feeling indeed! Glad you like it Peter! +1
Beautiful Marc<3+1
Febbraio 25 2020 23:47:45
Marceys Open feel and hopefully cool to build on! Glad you like it Marc +1
Masterful expressive laid back class Marc....magic<3:)+1
Agosto 18 2020 09:50:47
Marceys Thanks a lot, enjoyed the expressive sound in the intro... gives a lot more movement possibilities! :W +0
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