Le drone, les moettess ex les goëla

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I set up the template at the wrong tempo by accident, so it's slower than original (couldn't correct this until too late) I enjoyed creating a sediment layer of baritone Thank you Jypeka and Cassius, I hope you forgive me
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Slow, drone, baritone, seagulls


Hey Ivanovitch :W Forgive what ? Sometimes Art come thrue mistakes. It gives another colour. I like your add. Don't worry. ;)+2
Marzo 19 2020 07:20:33
Ivanovitch Thank you Cassius +0
Somebody sent me your new avatar. I sure like that bari, too. I am resisting.....resisting...resisting+1
Marzo 19 2020 07:20:03
Ivanovitch Temptation?

Yield to it
Marzo 19 2020 14:03:40
Fishinmissio I am tripping over horns..lol. He who dies with the most wins, right?:D +1
Marzo 19 2020 23:12:04
Ivanovitch It's one of the laws of physics +0
No you are forgiven ! :) It should not be easy to play the baritone with the mask, the pipes to breathe and breathe, the gloves to adjust the tempo on the computer ...:D
That said I like the baritone and violin sound at the same time, it's really 2 opposite ranges :W
Marzo 19 2020 15:30:57
Ivanovitch Yes there is a nice counterpoint between the two +0
I'm enjoying hearing you find tracks that you're having fun with.+1
Marzo 20 2020 09:53:17
Ivanovitch Thank you Wade, glad its pleasurable and not the other way around

As you can tell, there's less off the cuff playing and more editing, which is a new challenge
Marzo 20 2020 10:53:40
Wade This can be a good place to hone all sorts of skills and work on a wide variety of styles. I wish I could be more of a positive influence on dragging sax players away from endlessly playing technical nonsense to "standards". there's a whole world of music that's available for us to have fun with. +1
Marzo 20 2020 16:34:16
Ivanovitch Yes, you've tried your hardest on Café Sax

I think it reflects the fact many amateur sax players rely on sheets
Marzo 20 2020 22:25:34
Wade I think you're right, and that's the whole point. The way sax is taught is out of phase from most other instruments that are primarily used for (non-classical) contemporary music. Good idea to learn basics, but then if you're trying to learn how to improvise, it shouldn't be approached as academic exercise, especially when based on tunes and a style from 60+ years ago. What other instrument that plays contemporary music does that? Guitar? Bass? Keyboards? Very sad. +1
Marzo 21 2020 00:52:01
Ivanovitch This is the key thing you've said: "...it shouldn't be approached as academic exercise..."

I bet 99% of sax beginners go straight into formal lessons with formal sheet reading which shape their playing ear, their playing pleasure, and their playing horizons henceforth

The horn does not lend itself to the pick up and strum, trial and error, capabilities of the guitar which spawns so much unfettered creativity
Well, I find your playing very Creative!!!!! I find it so creative that I no I could not add anything that is useful!!! Very cool my friend!!!+1
Marzo 22 2020 18:24:03
Ivanovitch I think you could give it a go

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