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Never seen anybody happier in their music and singing than the East African people of Tanzania and Kenya, their exuberance can light you up and no matter what hardships, despite having little or nothing they have the biggest smiles in the world, just what we all need and I wish I was back there right now...... Ive tried to catch the Happiness and Energy if not the exact beats of this with an Afro/Latin fused Drums for today.....hope you like ...


Jewel !!! PLaylisted
You know Peter what the Africans say .... "you have the luxury watches but we have the time !!" we are richer !! it is a way of being happy material properties versus vital happiness !!
Marzo 27 2020 19:37:54
PJE Wonderful Mario its true you words and music are are worth more amigo and make me very happy thank you<3:D +2
Oh yeah baby:W this one will take off (rocket Gif here:D) fabulous Peter. I’m downloading it as is but I’m sure once Mario has added I’ll be downloading that one too:D The way you’re uploading these drum tracks I’m hoping the lockdown doesn’t end too soon in the UK...I mean soonish of course but.......:D excellent work again.+1
Marzo 27 2020 20:01:10
PJE :DHaha Alex really appreciate it, I’m loving the time music is life and life is music, and I will be totally happy if you get chance to join, not that I want you to get a long lockdown too but it then again............:Dcheers:W:) +1
Marzo 27 2020 20:05:59
CameAndWent4-20 We’re 3 days into our lockdown Peter and it’s 4 weeks minimum. It’s also peeing down with rain this morning. But we are healthy and we are in a nice warm home. Food to eat and judging by the rain coming down outside we won’t be going thirsty anytime soon. +1
Marzo 27 2020 20:11:34
PJE They say ours is maybe 12weeks but we can go out for exercise or essential food/work, maintaining SD rules of course, have to say it was incredible yesterday on my run I could breathe hear and actually heard the maybe it’s not all bad....keep safe and healthy Alex +1
Marzo 28 2020 23:49:44
PJE :D:Wlove your add Frankie +1
Marzo 29 2020 07:30:42
FrankieJ Love your drums here Peter :) +1
Marzo 29 2020 09:28:48
PJE :) +1
nice african rhythms love this one+1
Marzo 28 2020 14:41:46
PJE’s good to hear from you thank you, it’s so good you like and meant to be for happiness and better times hope all is safe for you and yours jussef +1
So much joy in this! On the watch-list.+0
super drums!+0
Excellent ride Peter <3
There are so many great African drummers, that to list them would be too long ... One of my favorites is "Tony Allen" an old man full of experience who was the drummer of "Fela".
I believe Africans invented the rhythm :D
Just great Peter :) Thanks for sharing :)+0
Super cool drums Peter!!:W<3<3+0
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