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WL-Premiere: Played a real bass (Hohner PJ fretless), after many years. Hope I did'nt screw up everything. I wanted to play something in the style of Eberhard Weber (how could I arrogate). Well, forgive me, if did'nt hit the notes exactly. Used a Boss ME-50B and VST Chorus, gate and Oril River Reverb.


Fantastic Your Bass line Cl Section ;) great sounds ;):Y<3+1
Maggio 10 2020 19:59:28
CI Section Thanks a lot, Karl!;) +0
I definitely heard the sorts of sounds Eberhard Weber uses. This does that bring back memories...he was one of my heroes. I still listen to his wonderful compositions and so much loved his style of playing. You've got the sound down pretty much.+1
Maggio 10 2020 20:02:23
CI Section Thank you, Wade - I am glad, that I could evoke some memories...:) +1
Wow Martin!! sound fantastic!! love it the tone! If you haven't played fretless for years, it doesn't show !! I catch the Weber spirit with the bass!+1
Maggio 10 2020 20:03:59
CI Section Thanks, Mario, specially from you - that is honoring. Think I have to stop playing bass, since my fingers need a few weeks to heal again :D +1
Maggio 10 2020 20:08:26
GlezBass Ha ha ha, there are things that we do not perceive in the jams ... for example this that you comment, you play a doublebass or fretless if you are used to it, it leaves its aftermath on your fingers !!! For me, playing fretless is a fetish-type tactile pleasure, but without a doubt if you stop playing for a while it shows in the fingers, and the difficulty of playing on this instrument is appreciated better (like all fretless strings) +0
Maggio 10 2020 20:08:54
GlezBass the tone in this bass is awesome!! +1
Maggio 10 2020 20:25:39
CI Section Haha, yes, no hard skinned finger tips-> ouch!I use d'Addario XL160 Nickel round wound strings, the set is since about 30 years on the bass with almost no detune. I found out, that this (rather cheap) bass has a fairly good singing sound at the high notes when played solely over the bridge pickup. The rest is sound tweaking with amp-simulation, EQ and all the other stuff you know. +1
Maggio 10 2020 20:28:26
CI Section uhm - I play with rather high distance between srtrings and plate (to reduce buzzing), which causes even more finger damage :@ +1
Maggio 10 2020 20:29:40
GlezBass the basses have a life of their own !! sometimes less expensive instruments have a very good sound, this is definitely an example. IF you used flatwound strings it is barely noticeable in the tone, I love it, keep playing on it !!! I will thank you !!! +1
Maggio 10 2020 21:47:56
GlezBass "uhm - I play with rather high distance between srtrings and plate (to reduce buzzing), which causes even more finger damage"

if the strings are too high you only have to adjust the height on the bridge (if you have this possibility) until you lower them if there is fretting noise. I have my basses with a very low very low pulsation action for greater comfort!
This is really beautiful Martin, BRAVO!<3+1
Maggio 10 2020 20:06:30
CI Section Hey, thanks a lot, Claude! :) +0
Hey Martin! What a surprise! You´re a good bassman! Sorry the delay :)+1
Maggio 10 2020 20:07:48
CI Section Thank you, Andri - the fine track of you both entrapped me to try... +0
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