Bubba's Blues

United States
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FrankieJ616 jams
magirtiko731 jams
step II
New Zealand
Wade553 jams

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Sounded so good as it was...forgive the intrusion...just wanted to be part of this. A Wonderful blues track from FrankieJ with and excellent bass line from Magirtiko. Tenor sax added with trepidation.


I like it when you intrude;) Sweet and smooth Wade<3+2
Maggio 13 2020 11:47:49
Wade Couldn't stay away. Second go at this one of yours (with a different bass player and tenor instead of sopranino). Such a great track from you. +1
Maggio 14 2020 11:27:06
FrankieJ Just listened to your first version to refresh my memory. Your smooth as silk and sneaky there too;)
Sometimes I think I should have put some kind of a bridge in it.
Maggio 14 2020 11:33:19
Wade Bridge smidge! Your playing carries this and it never seemed repetitive or tiresome. +1
Excellent add!!! Gives the right amount of "night" touch to these cool blues :)+1
Maggio 13 2020 11:36:59
Wade Thanks so much David. Night is a good description and evokes the things we might do without being seen. Keep safe my friend. +1
Hey Wade!!! Amazing intro and union to the team! You sound powerful!+1
Maggio 13 2020 11:39:25
Wade Hey Andri, glad you like! Thanks my friend. +1
Your sax sounds very good with this great blues track:):W+1
Maggio 13 2020 11:40:28
Wade Hard to go wrong with such great backing. Thanks btrasher! +1
I like your restrained approach...you dont jump in guns blazing but instead find the niches and fill them sensitively. <3 great jam <3:D<3+1
Maggio 13 2020 11:41:48
Wade I appreciate your singer's ears as that's the way I tend to play sax. It's a line to savor and get what you can from it (without words...) Cheers Tu. +1
Maggio 13 2020 11:45:44
Tu Yes I can hear your 'voice'. :D:D:D +1
Makes me think of the Pink Panther. So good.+1
Maggio 13 2020 11:42:29
Wade Thanks Rob, I guess there is a bit of slinking around. Cheers my friend. +0
Wicked sax, like one of those old movies the wife watches all day long :)+1
Maggio 13 2020 11:44:08
Wade Ha! I've got to cop to having a lot of influence in that direction and trying to tell stories and make the music "dramatic". Thanks Bruce for your keen observation. +0
Hot!!!!! I'm in New Orleans!+1
Maggio 13 2020 11:45:22
Wade Ah...Your another singer who gets the vocal way of playing a in instrument. Certainty has an "old fashioned" story vibe. +0
No trepidation! Your sax phrasing is a beauty Wade!+1
Maggio 13 2020 11:46:11
Wade So good of you to come around and say such nice things. You take care and stay motivated! +0
<3 Fantastic Wade :D:D+1
Maggio 13 2020 11:47:00
Wade Ah Xavi, so good of you to check it out. Thanks mi amigo. +1
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