Everything changes (w/ Iten Bass)

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I really like this Gerry´s composition, its like an argentinian Zamba, our folk music similar to the blues, with same musical structure. Simple and deep in feeling. I make a new drum take, the bass line of Iten make me see this track need a more simple drum, less fills, more regular. Thanks Iten. Great concept. I try to mix the best i can, to enhance voice and guitar solo, and keep the bass strong, not too in front not in ...
Somiglia a:
blues, zamba,


Great drum track and mix Demian, it compliments Iten's bass perfectly. Thanks for all the effort you put into your drum add and mix, I think it sounds great my friend. :W:):W+2
Maggio 13 2020 13:10:43
Demian Thanks Gerry. This work was very nice. Like be in a band and adjust the diferent parts to sound good and compact. Glad you like the result my friend!:D +1
Maggio 13 2020 14:20:20
bluvation Yes it's so nice that we can do that living so far apart in the world, who would have known that would have been possible when I was younger writing and recording songs on an old Grundig reel to reel tape recorder in my bedroom. Music and technology has come a long way. You're so right, It is like being in a band here on wikiloops and lots of fun. Thanks again Demian :W +2
Maggio 13 2020 20:31:40
Demian Haha! everything changes...:D +1
Great work! The mix keeps the leading track clear, good sound of the voice and guitar. Bass and Drums support perfect. Thank you!+2
Maggio 13 2020 13:08:14
Demian Thanks!! Glad you like Iten!!:D :W +1
Lovely play and mix Demian, sometimes as drummers we get tempted to be busy trying to fill, when it’s more important with great songs just to sit back and let them play......you did that so Very well here my friend:):W+2
Maggio 13 2020 20:28:59
Demian Thanks PJE! yes, that´s the idea!! I try to keep better tempo, less fills. Glad you like! Thanks for listen and comment:D +1
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