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Little jam to take record my new record system on one of my fretless basses, installation of a 4-string piezoelectric sensor for bass ... great sound for very little money and a new sensation of sound (see photo below). It has no parasitic noise because it is a piezo system, disconnect the magnetics pickups and the background noise is almost zero ... Nice dynamic sound for leads ;) listen 2:17 and from 3:07 -BASS Ibanez fretless bass SR 760 ...


Excellent Mario!<3+1
Giugno 17 2020 08:58:29
GlezBass Thanks Philippe! :) +0
Giugno 17 2020 04:26:27
LtlBearMtn I like the sound you’re gettin. Any chance you could share details on this mod? +1
Giugno 17 2020 09:15:35
GlezBass In the comment to Marc (khangurumc), I explain how the piezoelectric is installed. If you have any doubts do not hesitate to ask me by internal chat. It only requires that the distance between the string and the support where the electric piezo system supports, has the height of the model, in the shown it was 2.6 mm high and 60 mm long with a sensor for four strings
Here all type piezos PIEZO PICKUP LINE-UP
:Y luego en casa lo escucho mejor. Gracias Mario!!!+1
Giugno 16 2020 22:06:01
GlezBass a ti por la percusion colega!! +1
Hey Mario how do you fixe the piezo under the strings$
Sound really pure,Congrats on your new toy<3
Giugno 17 2020 09:08:51
GlezBass This bass in the photo already had an electric piezo contact system under the bridge (not visible in the photo), disconnect the old system and taking advantage of the preamplifier I have placed the new ARTEC PP 417 system for four strings, just below them contact strings. Measuring the space of the screws that hold the saddles and the string itself, I keep a space that is equal to the height of the electric piezo, so when tensioning the string and tuning by pressure, the piezo remains installed without another adjustment, then only connect the cable to the preamplifier. When I check sound it more I insert the cable through the cabinet so that it is not visible, the photo is only the pre-installation, and the first sound result is very satisfactory ! :) +1
Giugno 17 2020 09:41:13
GlezBass in addition to the system it must be borne in mind that the strings are flatwound and the piezo acts as a side effect as a string muter, but it gives that acoustic sound sensation that is heard ... it is a matter of taste and range of sounds, in the lead a very "acoustic" clean sound is appreciated in my opinion. With roundwound strings we would have another sound without a doubt ... +1
Cool your special Bass add Mario great job friend <3;)+1
Giugno 17 2020 09:00:37
GlezBass thanks Charli! +1
Lenny Cowler
super cool:)+1
Giugno 17 2020 09:00:27
Lenny Cowler
GlezBass thanks Lenny!! +1
Whatever works for you is more than fair...I'm just listening to the music...which I like a lot!+1
Giugno 17 2020 18:22:08
GlezBass Thanks Wade! +1
Me gusta mucho ese sonido amigo! Super definido y limpio. Qué bueno que pudiste acoplarte al tono de la percusión que es melódica pero no estoy muy seguro con la afinación. Quedó excelente:W+1
Giugno 18 2020 19:14:39
GlezBass Gracias amigo! celebro que te guste! en efecto hay por ahi tonos melodicos percusivos de los que me guie para hacer el groove ;) +1
You display so much Creativity in all your music!!!! Excellent, Mario!!!+1
Giugno 20 2020 17:56:46
GlezBass Thanks Dan! +0
Fantastic Mario !!+1
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