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[img][/img] Dear Cantaloopo, thank you very much for making this wonderful guitar piece available. I enjoyed playing together with you and I hope you can live with the result ;o) Many thanks to AKchen for the active support in mixing the vocals ;o) With "industrial revolution" I now have the eighth song of my little "Sapiens project" in the box, 14 it should be at the end. I hope I can do it ;o) #Sapiens
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#Sapiens, Earthlings, History,


super Walzer, Uli ! :)+2
Giugno 20 2020 19:53:40
Uloisius Ganz lieben Dank Hartmut ;o) +1
Super Uli ist wieder unterwegs. Super diesen Walter Cantaloopo. Dein Text und Voice wieder einmal wirklich Super. Great Sound and job friend :Y<3:Y+1
Giugno 20 2020 12:41:11
Uloisius Vielen lieben Dank Charli, freut mich das es dir gefällt ;o) Ja, die Vorlage von Cantaloopo ist sooo schööön ;o) Eigentlich stehe ich ja im Moment mehr auf soften Laid Back Gesang. Zu diesem Stück passt aber wie ich finde besser etwas groberes, rauheres, das gibt dem ganzen eher einen Biergarten-, Lagerfeuercharakter, daran hat mich die Gitarre irgendwie erinnert ;o) +1
Giugno 20 2020 12:49:30
Charli56 Super Uli <3;) +1
Coooool!! Can't get the smail away from my face!! This is so nice!! Expecially the rhyme leading into the Industrielle Revolution!! Explosion of creativity!!!+1
Giugno 20 2020 12:57:18
Uloisius Ganz lieben Dank für den tollen Kommentar Patrick ;o)
Freut mich sehr das es dir gefällt ;o)
Haven't hear you for awhile... Maybe because i'm not here as much :o sounds great Uli !!!+1
Giugno 20 2020 19:53:20
Uloisius Thank you very much my friend ;o) +0
Brilliant Uli! , I love your lyrics. I look forward to Sapiens Project.+1
Giugno 20 2020 19:55:17
Uloisius Thank you for your great comment ;o) +1
haha, geiles Bild !! & tolles freches Stück :)+1
Giugno 20 2020 19:55:31
Uloisius :D +0
So Goos, Ulo!!!!!! Lovely singing!!!!+1
Giugno 20 2020 19:56:18
Uloisius Thank you very much my friend ;o) +0
With your contribution to my simple template you really surprised me, dear Uli. I did not expect someone to make a song out of it. A critical view on our way of living - did you write the Lyrics also?+1
Giugno 20 2020 20:35:55
Uloisius Vielen Dank für den tollen Kommentar und natürlich die schöne Musik ;o) +0
Big smiles for your wonderful lyrics and delivery of this Oom Pah song. I love your "sideways" glances at these things that most people never think about.+1
Giugno 21 2020 08:25:31
Uloisius Thank you very much for your comment and above all for listening to me ;o)
This is the eighth song in the "Sapiens series", so slowly the project is taking shape. Important for me and incentive to continue working on the project are comments like yours here that show me that I have not misjudged myself in something that makes no sense in the end ;o) Thank you for always looking at my songs ;o)
You are a master+1
Giugno 22 2020 08:16:55
Uloisius Thank you for the great comment pber but I'm definitely not a master, there are much larger calibers here. I classify myself more as a lifelong apprentice, that's more likely to be the case ;o)
I am very happy that you liked the song ;o)
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