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Not easy to be creative for 12+ minutes and I am so impressed that Eric does it so easily!!!!!! Many (99.7% of the world, Ha, Ha!! ) feel you can make your point musically in a lot shorter time. I agree because making music is to entertain people. But there are some of us that feel searching is the only way to find something in us that if anything enlightens us, keeps us sane, and we realize it is ...


Music is like meditation, good for the brain and this opens up all kinds of psychic avenues ... this is a real cool dialogue between you and Eric ... stone groovy! :):W Nice work (play) Dan ... and Eric! :):W+3
Luglio 22 2021 23:08:27
Itocpogo Thank You very much, Ernie!!! I appreciate your very kind words!!!! I am in awe of Eric and so many other WLoopers who create music like this that inspires us to meditate and consider the feelings of others!!! +1
Brilliant. What Wikiloops is all about. On the length issue - I've always been amazed by the sense of time and what is or isn't too long in classical vs. popular music. Three minutes is just the intro for a lot of chamber music. Of course it takes time to develop some ideas, but more to the point, you don't want a good piece like this one to end too soon.+2
Luglio 23 2021 16:01:41
Itocpogo Thank You very much!!! I appreciate your very gracious comment!!!! So very nice of you!!! I so agree that all music of all lengths are gifts to us because they all bring joy and a unique meaning to listeners who relate to it. It all starts with that frist idea and Eric creates that idea and perfects it so well!!! +0
wow thats a awesome track and playing Dan really well done both of you.;)+2
Luglio 23 2021 18:46:49
Itocpogo Thank You very much, Nils!!! I appreciate your very kind words my friend!!!! +1
Another wonderful ad from you Dan! I admire how you feel and shape the music. wonderful music<3+1
Luglio 22 2021 23:09:02
Itocpogo Thank You very much, Rene!! I appreciate your very gracious comment my friend!!!! +0
Cool interpretation! :)+1
Luglio 22 2021 23:09:35
Itocpogo Thank You very much, RD!!! I appreciate your very kind words my friend!!!! +0
liking the musical conversation here Eric and Dan, creative and interesting with a live on stage feeling :)+1
Luglio 22 2021 23:11:11
Itocpogo Thank You very much, Shi!!! I appreciate your very gracious comment!!!! There is is no better feeling than having a musical conversation with other musicians!!! +0
Compelling listening <3 I'm just mesmerized <3<3<3+1
Luglio 22 2021 23:11:35
Itocpogo Thank You very much, Tu!!! I appreciate your very kind words my friend!!!! +1
CI Section
cool & inspiring!+1
Luglio 23 2021 16:02:10
CI Section
Itocpogo Thank You very much, CIS!! I appreciate your very kind words!!!! +1
This creation, and all the others, I'm so grateful that it came about this way. It's musical beauty. You make your instrument sound beautiful with a lot of creativity. I am moved......+1
Luglio 23 2021 17:15:27
Itocpogo Thank You so very much, Eric!!!!! I was so moved when I listened to your creation. I thought it would be impossible for me to contribute any meaning but when I started your playing was so Incredibly Creative, I at least stayed so inspired and was motivated with your every note and 12+ minutes seemed like seconds!!!! Keep Creating!!!! +0
Ahhh, once again an meeting of a very special kind! While listening, images arise, landscapes do...absolutely cool!!!+1
Luglio 24 2021 17:08:10
Itocpogo Thank You very much Peter!!! I appreciate your very gracious comment!!!! +0
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