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New Toy, hard labour. I now have a baritone sax. Not the easiest of the saxes, that's for sure. Also working on a new studio so I can record again. The track is just a little try-out.


Ya bit the bari bullet :) Sounds good...what'd ya get. I grabbed one too..but you're better at it than me :)+1
Gennaio 09 2022 12:51:00
Milachica Hey Mark. Thanks. It's a really nice 'pro-line' Jupiter, the artist series. My brother bought this new about 10 years ago, but he never played it. Got a really good deal on it :D

Had it checked out by a pro bari player (found it a bit difficult to judge myself since it's such a different beast), and he was quite thrilled about the quality of the horn.

Do you have any bari tracks here on WL?
Gennaio 09 2022 12:59:16
Fishinmissio You were always a Jupiter fan, and they sound great when you play them. I bought a '31 King Voll from a homeless dude..said it was his grandad's. It came with a '31 or '32 Original Otto Link metal mouthpiece. Yeah..there's a couple but I couldn't tell ya where. Im still workin on that There might be some pics of it in my profile. +0
Gennaio 09 2022 13:12:06
Milachica From what I understood, the real early Jupiter horns weren't that great. Not sure wether that's actually true or just people disliking asian made horns. Anyway, the ones Jupiter makes nowadays are just great horns. I played my alto for over ten years now, and it never has been serviced. Still plays like new! And made in Taiwan, so not China. +1
Gennaio 09 2022 13:43:51
Fishinmissio Well..we both know our sound comes from us :) I found the coolest tenor here on Craigslist for $ Boiste. I did come across a guy here who's a phenomenal wrench. I never had a horn gone thru by anyone aside from a music store. It was an OMG moment.:o +0
hey this is so much fun and it's really cool to hear you back at the loops Milachica :) fab :)+1
Gennaio 09 2022 13:14:51
Milachica Hey Shi. Thank you!

There are recoding possibilities in the near future, so I hope to be back for real! :)
wow, sounds great!!!:W+0
Whoooow Arno!, I like the end, the begining and the middle! The sound is Gooooooooooooood!+0
Great Bari sound :W !!! :)+0
So good to be hearing from you again! Looking forward to hearing more. You've certainly got the feel for a bari groove.+0
Your New Toy is a great New Toy when Your play so cool on it! BIG :) :Y :Y :)+0
Awesome sound! :P+0
WOW!!! So GREAT to hear you again!!!!! Somehow I missed this!!!! Very cool sound and cool playing!!!!+0
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