Uh oh, AH YEH

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Found this old groovy template from Sir V8 Engine who did a handful of tracks and disappeared sadly..so I had a bit of a "mess around"...the track inspired me to create this monstrosity of hip hop, dance, and alsorts of other nonsense! Please forgive those bumbling halfwits at the end, my Great Uncle Godfrey thought it would be fun to jam with me with his ol' blues band...Uh oh, AH YEH! :)


I remember this one from V8 but i do like what you've done with this Paul ...grooves real nice :)+2
Novembre 12 2022 16:44:47
pconey Yeh he did some nice templates. Really surprised no one has even jumped on it in 5 years. Lets see if someone does now. Thanks a lot for listening Shi +2
Novembre 12 2022 16:58:57
v8-engine Sir Paul!

Thank you very much for this beautiful add!
It's nice that you, as you say, discovered the track for yourself after all this time and made something very nice out of it.
Novembre 12 2022 17:01:34
pconey Hi there, many many thanks for the reply! Do you still do any music? I know a few guys on here really admired your tracks! It would be great to see you do some more

Thanks again!
Novembre 12 2022 17:11:44
v8-engine That's sweet that you say that.
I still make music, only now we have two small children and a lot of stress.
Have made some tracks and want to upload a few of them all the time.
Have earlier, when I got the message to your track again thought to just take the time to do this.
Other intriguing situation...;)+0
What a feeling! :W :W :W superb+0
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