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*** E D I T *** WAV file for the Sweet with Heat guitar only version in the HD folder. The WAV file for the Sweet with Heat leads only version is in the Sweet with Heat remix HD folder. ************************************************************** Cooked down 114 liters of maple sap last night. Got about 2.3 liters of maple syrup so far. More to come this week. All adds welcome.
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Great stuff mate. Love it+2
Marzo 04 2023 13:34:59
Riffraff Thanks Dash.:) +0
:o sound so great Riff :W:Y+2
Marzo 04 2023 14:52:50
Riffraff Thanks Christian. :) +1
:W liking this ballad style jam Ron, with that Skynyrd style change/chorus, kick ass bro! :W+2
Marzo 05 2023 20:14:10
Riffraff Thanks Nick. Used some TH-U effects in the clean parts. I like the way they sound. +1
Marzo 05 2023 22:58:21
rootshell awesome bro. u sell any of that maple syrup? +2
Marzo 05 2023 23:26:36
Riffraff No, we don't make much. We just tap 5 or 6 trees for the fun of it. Like the eggs from our chickens, we use what we can and giveaway the surplus. Liz mixed some syrup with rye last year to make maple whiskey which was awesome. :W +1
Marzo 06 2023 18:42:53
rootshell well if you ever sell it, like on Etsy or something, let me know. i'm always down to support local artisan work and small-batch creators. +2
Marzo 06 2023 18:49:10
Riffraff I need to send you some maple whiskey to keep you warm. It's sweet with heat. :o You're winter is worse than ours now. Crazy year. +3
Marzo 06 2023 18:51:34
rootshell oh damn, that sounds like some good stuff!! :o:o:o +2
Marzo 06 2023 19:36:03
Riffraff Cool, we'll make you some then. +1
Marzo 06 2023 20:10:55
rootshell :o:o:o <3<3<3 +1
Marzo 06 2023 20:19:12
Riffraff I'll reach out to you for your ship to address when it's ready. Liz still needs to order the rye she mixes the syrup with. It's good stuff. +1
Marzo 06 2023 20:27:39
rootshell thanks so much Ron (and Liz) <3<3<3 +1
Great composition!+2
Marzo 05 2023 20:17:42
Riffraff Thanks Laurent. :) +0
Great rock ballad style Ron<3:W:)Love the sound and also the sound of that maple whiskey too:o+2
Marzo 10 2023 18:00:21
mortheol Tasty stuff with the homemade syrup ;) +1
Marzo 10 2023 18:35:36
Riffraff Thank you my friend. Got some sap boiling down and Rye ready for mixing. It need to set up for a couple of weeks after mixed before we can get after it. :D +1
Cool track and progression Ron:W The clean tone guitar is crystal clear and nice crunchy parts<3
So my buddy and I also make Maple syrup..we have an old oil tank we made into a burner and we boil the sap off on top of it in large pans. We get it to around 80% and then finish off on the stove to final syrup. We usually do about 200+ gallons of sap..depending on the year maybe yield about 4 gallons or so. I tap about 10 trees and he does about the same..we usually give some of the sap away to another friend that makes it. We just do it for fun and and to sit around and drink beer..LOL:D We give most of it away as gifts. We are up in NW Pennsylvania and the mild winter this year had the maples dumping sap early.
Someday we want to make a proper sugar shack and get a commercial evaporator and all the other stuff and sell it.
We also mix it up with some nice Bourbon or Rye Whiskey....yummy stuff<3:W
Marzo 10 2023 18:31:59
Riffraff Thank you sir. I used a Tweaker 15 head for the clean and my trusty Rockmaster preamp for the dirty parts. Love that '90s tube preamp. <3
We just started cooking sap last year. We were hanging 2 liter soda bottles on the trees which was ridiculous. Wo bought new 5 gal buckets with lids this year so we can just run tubes from the taps to the buckets. Much easier. :D Cooking with a single burner propane lobster pot stove and deep steam trays. Mixing with Sazerac Rye. :o
Great music here, love it!+1
Marzo 10 2023 18:35:55
Riffraff Thanks Peter. :) +0
Excellent template.+1
Marzo 19 2023 10:05:49
Riffraff Thanks Wade. Good to see you my friend. :) +1
Great !! :W+0
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