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Couple different percussion ideas.
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Had fun!+0
nice song, but i know it very good and i miss woodys trumpet.
but your drummin job is great and turns this piece into a whole new direction ! very nice
Special speed, different!+0
You drive! I like your ideas also. Still I can imagine a lazy laid back horn+0
I had not heard the horn yet. Maybe I will try some other parts myself. Of course you know it's not finished. Wish I had the high res separates. I just liked the idea when i heard it and wanted to try some things. That's part of having all of these tracks in progression. People probably very often miss the later tracks that are posted. I am not even sure how to hear all of the sessions associated with a starting session. It's a crapshoot to hear it all the way everything is spread out. But I would like to hear that horn.+0
You have talent! Very interesting ideas, your congas sounds very good by the way, a little louder could be nice in other tracks, about congas... we need congas here, man!+0
hey keeper,
I have just added the remix tree feature to the profile pages - thats exactly what you need to see all remixes of a track, just look for the little folder icons displayed next to every track... it is a little complicated to find your way around, I know, trying to make it navigable as good as possible...
I like how your drumming took this backing to a diffrent direction, really good man!
Dick I gotta tell you I really love this site! You are really on the ball here. You've done an excellent job of setting this up! It's gonna be true no matter what that people have to look around and use the system and get used to it. It's hard to do powerful and simple too, so I'm happy you settled for powerful. I did see the tree view you mentioned. Didn't know it was new. Worked well! But see if I find a progression I like I am gonna grab it and jam on it. I probably won't spend a lot of time looking to see what else has been developed for a project. So there is probably always gonna be some of the bringing each other up to speed. But in general i give your system an A, and I've used a lot of them! The more I use it the more I really like it! Good job Dick!+0
great job+0
Like very much!+0
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