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Always loved this track from Kimbo. Just got around to doing a little backing for it.


A cool Bike ride along the coast !
Meeting Police car, folks, animals, noises but stay straight and go on go on go on go on go on go on g° 0o°%
Agosto 13 2015 22:26:49
Wade A bike ride? Could have been hopping...hop, hop? +1
Agosto 13 2015 22:30:42
Tofzegrit Of course, you deserve many Hops and particulary Hop hOp & hoP :) +0
Reminds me a bit of walking Rover nice use of the effects mate+1
Agosto 13 2015 22:28:00
Wade Thanks Lairdy. If you mean the Police car and other stuff, that was all Kimbo's. I just play the sax. +1
I love this template. So cool and funky. I'd forgotten about it (and forgotten I'd added to it!) until I saw your add. Predictably, your playing is beyond reproach. So tasteful, so mindful of the music and just full of soul. Fantastic-bl**dy-tastic.+1
Agosto 13 2015 22:29:43
Wade Have you still got the track to stick back on? A new track?...Please? +1
Agosto 13 2015 22:33:29
mpointon I'm on it tomorrow! +1
Agosto 13 2015 23:03:41
Wade Looking forward to it!!!! +0
Agosto 13 2015 22:30:05
Wade Thanks Cody. Appreciate the listen. +0
you sax walk elegantly through this groovy track, and the smooth tone blowing all the dust on the air, so gentle but playful, a great kind of story to tell in this song..

my fave spot is 00:47-00:55 breath taking part, ah love love this so much!
Agosto 13 2015 22:31:20
Wade You are such a sweetie! So kind of you to give a listen and comment. +0
Wow!!!Excellent add Wade:)+1
Agosto 13 2015 22:31:48
Lenny Cowler
Wade Thanks Lenny. You going to add some drums? +3
Agree with Martin - you really got it Wade Fantastic :)+1
Agosto 13 2015 22:33:27
Wade Thanks so much. Working at getting my mojo back and this track from Kimbo always made me smile....which is the right attitude...and facial posture for playing sax! +2
Fantastic Wade+1
Agosto 13 2015 22:34:45
Wade Thanks Xavi. Just getting enough time to get my chops back together. +1
Very cool template choice & not ''too bad'' for someone who is loosing his chops…. :D :D+1
Agosto 13 2015 22:36:29
Wade So I went through a rough patch....getting better now (I hope). Will unfortunately be heading off in a week and then not playing for five weeks. Hope this practice time tides me through. +1
Agosto 14 2015 03:18:41
nuno1959 Your music comes from your heart, you will ALWAYS find a way of conveying the emotions.. ;) +1
Sooo cool, too bad I'm not at home for at least a week.. Can't wait to play my bass to this :)+1
Agosto 13 2015 22:37:52
Wade I so much want to hear you on this!!! I can wait, but definitely want to hear you on this one. +0
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