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I'm a great fan of Milachica's contributions. This template has a stronger rhythmic center rather than tonal. Have taken this towards a more "classical" atonal interpretation. Sopranino sax with pedal harmonizer. Got an interesting sound out of it at the end. All welcome to join way to mess up the key it's in...Ha!


It is magical:)+1
Novembre 21 2015 21:30:48
Lenny Cowler
Wade Thanks Lenny all due to Milachica's wonderful unusual template. +3
WoW! number one... Wade this is an enigma ¿ chromatic?, represented musically, impressive...+1
Novembre 23 2015 20:10:34
Wade Hey Xavi. Glad you like. It's free atonal (as compared to serial atonal). +0
so coooool :) love it !!+1
Novembre 23 2015 20:11:59
Wade Thanks OliVBee. Thought you'd resonate with this...composed, but not. +1
Novembre 23 2015 20:33:00
OliVBee been alil side tracked lately ... might come back to more free jams sometime soon ;) +1
now this is certainly different and interesting Milachica and Wade....I like that kind of film-noir soundtrack feeling it has :)+1
Novembre 23 2015 20:14:40
Wade Ah Madam Shi! You are so good to listen and comment. I'm just responding to Milachica's wonderfully inventive template. I love going to the stranger places...even better if it results in tickling a memory or feeling. +1
Novembre 23 2015 22:02:47
Shi it was my pleasure to listen Wade :) +2
This had me walking through the Pyramids :)
Very cool Wade :)
Novembre 23 2015 20:16:11
Wade Oh, I like the picture this gave you...distant fantasy...imaginative! More than I would have expected. Thanks. +0
Very interesting bubbles, my friend!+1
Novembre 23 2015 20:17:31
Wade And you thought bubble were just for the bath tub! Thanks pkliesch! Always appreciate your listening and commenting. +2
That's beautiful Wade! :)+1
Novembre 23 2015 20:18:53
Wade Thanks Marceys! really appreciate. I knew it was "different", but glad it made it to beautiful for you. +1
Oh man, this is the human mind at work big time. Fantastic track !!+1
Novembre 23 2015 20:21:29
Wade Wow, what a compliment...really belongs more to milachica though. I'm just responding and playing what I hear that fits. I just love hearing these creative "out there" tracks as it gives us the opportunity to go there with those people who created them. +1
Just so beautiful :)+1
Novembre 23 2015 20:22:42
Wade Thanks Kenny. So glad this works for you. It's pretty "out there" +0
......clever bo! big smiles here+1
Novembre 23 2015 20:23:52
Wade Well, If I can't be good may as well try to be clever! Thanks Kimbo. +0
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