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This is for Anne who seems to like these silly improvisations done with Gerhard. Simple nine note loop with improvisation. There's an old chestnut hidden inside...the title's a clue...couldn't help it...just slipped out.


Love Gerhard's rhythmic pattern on the guitar, the mini highlights & solos he sprinkles on here & there & absolutely love what you did here !!
You guys sure make some VERY interesting sounds, DAMN… pity you live SLIGHTLY far away !! ;)
Dicembre 13 2015 21:10:53
Wade Nothing a plane ticket can't fix. But, then I know that you'd never leave behind all your gear...maybe we need to come see you? +1
Dicembre 13 2015 22:05:15
nuno1959 If i could i'ld go in an heartbeat, gear & all !
I'ld even get the cassowaries jamming along… :D :D
Dicembre 14 2015 06:38:51
Wade No Cassowarys here in New Zealand. Used to have Moas that were twice the size of a Cassowary. The Maori ate them all...extinct. I have a chicken you can play to. +1
So what do they feed sax players in NZ ! I want some !+2
Dicembre 13 2015 21:14:50
Wade Food wise the same as Oz...Politics wise also the same BS. +1
I found the chestnut... very clever loop jam... you sly lady teaser :)+1
Dicembre 13 2015 20:47:24
Wade Thanks Mr B. Can't be clever...totally unplanned so no forethought...just as it happened. +1
Dicembre 13 2015 20:48:24
Wade Hey Wikimark, thanks for the listen and glad you liked. +0
Dicembre 13 2015 20:48:53
Wade Always appreciate your listens Tom. +1
Oh I feel like tonight is a Christmas ever Wade...really love the feeling on this track, playful, sweet, and so lovely! This really bring the joy to my heart, thank you for sharing this one Wade+1
Dicembre 13 2015 20:51:38
Wade Thanks Alice. Just listened to your jam with Rob. Girl, you've got it...not many singers who can do that...would be amazing to have a live session on our side of the world. +0
This might be silly but intelligent improvisations. This is the reason why i envy sax player...they can be so technical yet so erotic and so soulful...oh my..+1
Dicembre 13 2015 21:03:35
Wade OK, you've got to know I envy guitarists. You guys can play more than one note at a time. Chords, rhythm, melodic lines so fast, and even sing. I'm stuck with my one note. Want more volume...you just turn up the knob. Clean recordings that don't require a microphone...etc. etc. etc. Bump an electric guitar, drop it, maybe you need to re-tune...Same with a sax...trashed. Then there is learning...nobody wants to hear those awful squawks and squeaks especially the learner who thinks he's going to sound like Coltrane in a few months. +1
Dicembre 14 2015 03:27:39
kennyadry Okay :) I am blown away by what you said :D +0
Great performance!!+1
Dicembre 13 2015 21:04:43
Wade Cheers Steve. Glad you like. +0
love this too, very cute :)+1
Dicembre 13 2015 21:06:09
Wade Ah Ms Akchen, so glad you like. Simple can be good, and it suits my addled old brain right now. +1
Another outstanding piece of music with your smooth Sax! Very fine template :)+1
Dicembre 13 2015 21:07:18
Wade Thanks Adu. Glad you mentioned template as others are more than welcome to join in. +0
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