Mirror Lakes

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Thank you Ron for the great emotional track!! It reminds me at one of the nicest places in the world !!

Another one from the Landscape series.
This lake is a very very peaceful place. If you see it, it changed your mind, what is imported in the world and what is only bullshit !!
You can find a lot of great pics, but it lacks the emotion !!

Thank you Ron for the great emotional track!!


I feel in Peru, in Tibet, in high mounts with green forest, blue sky and blue ice... The disto at 1:37 sounds like the one used by Michael Rutherford on "super's readdy (1975, album Foxtrot ot the real Genesis) It is really a good tune ! Super job, guys !+2
Aprile 07 2016 05:39:49
frankyguitar Thank you very much Furlano! :)
It's a great pleasure to read your fine comment ! It's great that we could make you be feel so!! Thanx again! This thing with Genesis, mhh, will listen it, it could be, now you say it!
LOL, the real Genesis, but you are right. Without Peter, it was never more the same innovative and exciting band.
Franky, Vielen Dank mein sehr guter Freund.
Ich liebe dieses so sehr!!!:D
Das ist brillant, Ihr Gitarrenspiel ist perfekt und so emotional.
2:40 und auf .... WOW ... so gut! Das Ende ist so cool.
Ich kann nicht genug sagen, wie gut das für mich ist.
Wir müssen zu schätzen, was Mutter Erde uns bietet.
Ihre Schönheit und Frieden.:)
Aprile 07 2016 05:36:49
frankyguitar Vielen Dank lieber Ron!! Freut mich riesig :D
Soviel Deutsch hier und alles gut zu verstehen!! :) Du hast hier ein wirklich tolles Stück komponiert! Es ist ein großes Vergnügen daran teilzuhaben :)
Aprile 07 2016 13:41:16
mortheol Yes..my next step is to compose wonderful lyrics in my awesome Deutsch!!! :P
Ich versuche.:)
Aprile 07 2016 13:56:27
frankyguitar :D LOL - love awesome deutsch :D +0
Aprile 07 2016 14:00:33
frankyguitar I doubled your bridge, my first try to do this kind of playing, with a different guitar track as from me. :) +0
I can't read German but guessing they all liked it as much as I did+2
Aprile 07 2016 16:23:45
frankyguitar Lairdy my friend, sorry for so much German! And yes you are right :)
Thanx for spending your time with my work At Rons Template:)
uh, das fängt so schön an ..... traumhaft :)+1
Aprile 06 2016 22:15:49
frankyguitar Mei, Du bist aber fix heite! LOL
Ja, ein wunderbarer Track von Ron! Brachte diesen Ort zurück, was sollte ich da noch tun, ausser zu versuchen meine Emotionen auszudrücken.
Vielen Dank Andrea :)
Wunderbar ;o)+1
Aprile 07 2016 12:24:12
frankyguitar Dankeschön Uli! Freut mich sehr, das es gefällt:) +0
Hey, franky, I can hear you early in the morning :) great job buddy !!!!+1
Aprile 07 2016 12:25:35
frankyguitar Thank you Bruce! I'm so glad to read from you!!!! :) +0
OUtstanding, both of you.+1
Aprile 08 2016 05:32:05
frankyguitar Thanx very much Girard! +1
Pit Brett
klasse Stück Franky :)+1
Giugno 09 2016 14:25:35
Pit Brett
frankyguitar Vielen Dank Pit! Dieser Steilvorlage von Morty konnte ich nicht wiederstehen! :) +0
Way to Play!!+1
Giugno 10 2016 12:06:59
frankyguitar Thank you very much Jim ! :) +0
Such a fine meditative track that's so well complimented by your paying. Gives it a grounding and pushes those emotions pressure points.+1
Giugno 11 2016 15:22:08
frankyguitar Thanx so much Wade! I could nötig resist to try something to this wonderful work from Morty. +1
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