Falling For You

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Pffff.... was almost ready with this track when I saw Kenny his upload.... That guy is awesome.... way way cool chords..... Tried to blend it with my version... but it doesn't fit with the rich chords Kenny made.... I decided to upload anyway..... left it wide open for others.... Cheers and thanks for the great track Alice! You are amazing! Marc


:D :) :D OHHH my!!!! Man this is awesome!!!! I got to say we were thinking of different version and this one you got it really great Marc :) What a good day at loops!!+2
Aprile 06 2016 22:59:57
Marceys Thanks Kenny! Appreciate it! Your version nailed it really good! Love your chords! :) +0
Whoaaaaaa! this is beyond what I can imagine! (honestly) ! my jaw drop through the track (honestly)! I'm in aweeeeee! you take this song to another direction that I even couldn't see, I really don't see it coming to this...Marc you are unbelievable ! (honestly) another goosebump track! 2 strikes...Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa YESSSS!!!!+2
Aprile 06 2016 23:01:22
Marceys Glad you like it Alice! I had a good time on it! You did some great singing! Thanks for the great lesson! :) +1
Wonderful keys Marc, fits perfect! :)
with some deep bass perhaps and I can hear a n uptempo beat 188 bpm working as well with this one ;)
Aprile 06 2016 23:57:20
Marceys Thanks a lot frenzie! That could be an approach indeed! Let's see what happens! :) +1
Aprile 06 2016 23:59:40
frenzie :) +0
The fact that there are multiple, excellent chordal backgrounds to this vocal is a study in the magic of Wikiloops. And the magic of music, where multiple solutions to the same problem are celebrated :)+2
Aprile 07 2016 23:48:19
Marceys That is a wise statement! And it is cool to hear the different approaches indeed! :) +0
Super Marc ! Great playing again... :)
A voucher percussioniste African or South American would be great and ideal. I think has "famineenim " for example.
No let us have not many of these musicians here...
Aprile 06 2016 23:02:19
Marceys Thanks a lot titi! Some percussion could be cool indeed! +1
Absolutely pro work on this awesome template. Bet it was not to easy :)+1
Aprile 06 2016 23:03:01
Marceys Thanks a lot Patrick, I had to figure some things indeed before I had what is on the track now...... :) +1
And like Kenny, Marc, you nail it it so utterly briliantly with an approach so different yet perfectly-fitting. Your upbeat approach transforms the very same song yet sounds like it belonged all along. And you pull these these chords out of thin air, such is the keenness of your musical ears.

This is a tough call for me. I'm hearing two uploads are needed here. I love both, I need to add to both.
Aprile 06 2016 23:04:45
Marceys Thanks a lot Martin! You should upload to the version of Kenny! He did an amazing jazzversion of this track!
If you still have time it would be very cool on this version too of course :)
Aprile 06 2016 23:06:04
mpointon I'm doing both, man! Both are brilliant but both require different rhythm approaches! Just a shame I'm not going to get onto them until Monday due to gigs from tomorrow! +1
Aprile 06 2016 23:06:16
aleonz do both please please please ! sorry to interrupt this comment...but please muahahah +2
Aprile 06 2016 23:17:18
Marceys Have fun with the gigs Martin, the tracks will be waiting for you on monday! :) +1
Marcelo D
Hi Marc. I am pretty confused right now because there are three totally different and excellent versions. I don't know where to jump in. Thank god this is a kind of "good problem" to be solved and I don't know how to do it. :)+1
Aprile 06 2016 23:22:21
Marcelo D
Marceys haha, thanks a lot Peixe!
Just go with the one you think you can add your cool keys best! I understand totally when you add to the jazzchords of Kenny, there is a lot of room for your keys! Go for it! :)
Aprile 06 2016 23:24:35
Marcelo D
Marcelo D Anxious to get home and go on with the add :D +1
Pit Brett
excellent keys Marc :)+1
Aprile 06 2016 23:32:49
Pit Brett
Marceys Thanks so much Pit! :) +1
You guys (included Kenny) do a nice performance around this challenge from Alice. That was the goal I think!
Marc, it's awesome too.
Aprile 06 2016 23:56:12
Marceys Thanks a lot Tof! It was a good lesson to work on the great vocals of Alice! :) +2
Aprile 06 2016 23:59:54
Tofzegrit I had some tracks to do today (yesterday)and I had to resist to this one :) +1
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