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Added some free form bass to a grooooooovy old jam by ArtJanis and Lenny .. rock on .. thanks for the FUN!! :)


Yes bro!!! it is a pleasure to hear this again with your awesome bass. It´s my favorit song and I still occasionally play. I love passage from 3:19:)+1
Giugno 16 2016 18:10:23
Lenny Cowler
Ernie440 Glad you like it buddy, it's a really cool free jam session, I like it a lot too ... nice drumming brother and the guitar is so groovy by artjanis. Yeah .. the last section is cool! haha :) I posted this yesterday after your comment but I put it in the wrong spot .. haha don't think you saw my response. :) Sorry about that. +0
Giugno 16 2016 18:15:47
Lenny Cowler
Lenny Cowler :)I also write where I do not have, it´s good, it´s Wiki, it´s jam session:) +1
Giugno 16 2016 19:33:54
Lenny Cowler
Ernie440 You are correct Len! :) +1
Great bass and great dialog Guitar/bass !!:)+1
very cool bass line you lay here Ernie, tight play!+1
Giugno 15 2016 22:53:07
Ernie440 hey Al, thanks for coming by and taking a listen my friend :) :) +0
impressively jam Pudsy :)+1
Giugno 15 2016 22:52:44
Pit Brett
Ernie440 Gracias friend Pit! :) +0
Love the track and the bass ! Like Rick Laird One Word bass kinda thang ! :)+1
Giugno 15 2016 22:52:16
Ernie440 Cool, thanks!, had to look that up, relatively familiar with Mahavishnu but didn't know that was the bass guys name ... there's a wicked live track of that song on youtube, thanks for the tip broski! +1
Giugno 15 2016 23:52:05
LoBias You're welcome Ernie, and yes that's a ripping video - thanks ! :) +1
Giugno 16 2016 01:03:19
Ernie440 I always liked this track with the late great Jack Bruce with John McLoughlin ...
Giugno 17 2016 18:21:31
LoBias Hi Ernie, sorry for the late reply. That was my favourite track from the LP ! Thanks for the reminder :) Have you heard Ralph Armstrong on this ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0TjyLU0-9SE
Far out ! :)
Giugno 17 2016 18:57:07
Ernie440 WICKED man!! Jeez, those full time jazz guys are phenomenal! Really cool .. thanks Steve. +1
Giugno 16 2016 00:27:23
Ernie440 Stone groovy brother, thanks! :) +1
Great Ernie!+1
Giugno 16 2016 14:26:45
Ernie440 Thanks for having a listen my friend. :) +0
Hey Puds, Wow!! super playing buddy and great jamming:);)+1
Giugno 16 2016 14:26:19
Ernie440 Thanks brother Pete! ;) :) +1
It is lie you were born to play burning bass on this track. Your bass is having a meaningful conversation with the guitar!+1
Giugno 16 2016 18:16:45
Ernie440 haha yeah maybe Dan ... I know I felt I could play something for this quite easily, in the right style for me I guess. :) Thanks a lot my friend. :) +1
This one has a really cool feel to it. Nice job man :)+1
Giugno 17 2016 01:23:05
Ernie440 yeah thanks, I thought it was a cool track J. .. different. :) +1
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