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For research purposes find and listen to Dan Hicks and His Hot Licks---song title "Shorty Falls in Love" or Duo Concertant for Violin an Piano: I. Cantilene, Igor Stravinsky and Joesph Szigeti

These are the high bar of skill and composing and disparate in style.
Agosto 31 2016 18:55:33
Pexe very good! listennning here +1
Agosto 31 2016 18:59:11
Leftdaloops1019 Histoire du soldat, Suite 1919 for Violin, Clarinet and piano--Igor Stravinsky, Domenico Nordio +1
Agosto 31 2016 19:00:22
Leftdaloops1019 1000 Umbrellas - XTC +1
Agosto 31 2016 19:03:26
Leftdaloops1019 Elvis Costello & the Brodsky Quartet--the whole album called the Juliet Letters +1
What Is A Social Scientist? and are we just social experiments. Be looking for Ernie to astral plane your way for the big jam! They need skill and talent at the jam as all the folks will be laying around on rot-gut Rum.+0
Agosto 31 2016 18:11:33
Pexe :) politic scientist? sociology. +0
Agosto 31 2016 18:17:56
Leftdaloops1019 and? are those the guys that are in to Mind Fucking? do a bunch of research so they can predict "human behavior" thus manipulate it for "a" benefit. I see. hummm, how is that going? what have you come up with so far? +1
Agosto 31 2016 18:47:42
Pexe true. in brasil there is a lot of assholes representative politics. i do my job to enterprises, like avaaz. probably there is where u live too :) +0
Agosto 31 2016 18:51:08
josepssv I see it: Many of us do not control the instruments as an academy or a certain style, but despite that we dare to present to you the music, almost noise. That does not matter to progress and make the end a nice composition. You are able to turn this mess into something beautiful ?. That is the challenge +1
Agosto 31 2016 19:08:24
Leftdaloops1019 Yes that has happened Jose! But my point is if I'm part of a social experiment, I don't like that. I have a son that has Down Syndrome and we jam often and I find it as exciting as if I played on a Tof jam. It's just that if this is some kind a ruse, I'm not up for that. When my son tries to manipulate me I don't respond well with him either. +1
Agosto 31 2016 19:44:27
josepssv No,no and no!!
I only play!!!
That should be clear. Yes!
But this is public web and Later sociologists could study our work.
Sorry I can not say this snafu. I have to say this dense expression of feeling+0
Agosto 31 2016 19:24:28
Leftdaloops1019 I don't feel one way or the other, I just like to try to be honest. here is a link to my son's playing it might help the snafu. http://www.onebighappyartfactory.com/DanielIwantToGoFarAway.html +0
Agosto 31 2016 19:50:00
josepssv Sure a child can help. Invite that guy!!
Maybe Wikiloops should sure that our music not is for sociology try
Agosto 31 2016 19:56:50
Leftdaloops1019 Once you listen to the song my son recorded, you'll see that I, myself, value, the attempt, the expression, not just skill and precision.
(though I don't value the lack of precision when a person is just being lazy and won't take the time to do things right(it's what I hate about myself))
My whole point was that the way PEXE found out about the site was that he was a social scientist. I know what they do.

So If PEXE's level is say, on my son's---that's cool---he shouldn't try to pass it off as "High" art, experimental art, beyond the common guttural "Blues" players, because that in itself causes problems, as we've seen.
And if it's(the posting of a mess) some kind of "experiment" on people's tolerance then prepare to not get much interaction, as I think folks can see through things like that.

I'm looking for improvement from PEXE(and myself). Where he could get to the level-- if he only played five notes over and over again, he could ADD to other's work.
Not noise, but things of beauty.
A lot of the things I do, could use a creative violin, so, I'm frustrated, that each recording seems the same though. Are we here to get better?
I hope so! I came on this site to collaborate and to be collaborated with to make really great music, that I couldn't do by myself.

So hopefully this all translates well into your languages. I have given a part of my heart here, and it isn't a heart of wrath but a heart of love.
Agosto 31 2016 21:02:16
josepssv Delighted to read you, Gemmy. Totally agree with your exciting and correct speech +1
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