Don't Worry

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Sometimes we worry too much. We worry about work, about bills, about family, about friends, about looking good, about the others, about the track, about the comment and the compliment... about life... This track is an invitation for not worrying too much. Let the river flow and enjoy everything you can. Life is hard. Life is short. But life is also so beautiful and worth. I don't want to waste more time worrying too much. I hope you relax and enjoy. If you don't listen, don't like or don't ...


I'm worried that I'm going to love this track so much when I saw you post in my feed, and it's a great kind of worry by the way hehehe, it's so good to play, make, do, and live without worry right Marcelo, but well at the end we just a human being, and once in a while to be worry of something is one little thing that remind us when our head way up high...This song is the closest thing that give the feeling like a tap in the shoulder from a good friend, a warm words, and good hugs from one who love when they calm your heart and lift you from all your worried....always excited to hear your new song Marcelo..I love much.+3
Ottobre 16 2016 02:59:14
Marcelo D You are always very kind Alice. This song is like a chin lift. Raise your head, nobody is perfect, right? In the end we are all human beings full of flaws and with no guarantees. The only thing we can do in this world is to support each other and hope for brighter days. The rising sun always give me the hope I need to go on and trust in a better tomorrow. So when I wake up I always try to wash away all my worries... sometimes its a very hard task but its always worth. Your comments aways take away all my worries about my tracks and lots of things more. Thank you for everything. You are Amazing ;) :) +2
Ottobre 16 2016 03:20:04
aleonz That's right! and isn't so great to have someone who stand on your side, one that you can share all your worries and everything :) ;) +2
Ottobre 16 2016 03:26:10
Marcelo D It's the best thing ever AL. +1
Marcelo. Your words in it selfs could stand alone as a great comfort from a good friend after you´ve had a bad day. to get these words with such wonderful music is almost "spoling us". And YES I like it. like "floating on a river but on a fantastic wave from a grand ocean. :) Great work my friend and thanks. :)+1
Ottobre 16 2016 03:27:39
Marcelo D Yesssss. This is a musical hug for all my friends. Feel hugged Peter. Thanks for passing by... great to have you around. +1
Ottobre 16 2016 03:35:36
Peterpingo I do. I really feel hugged by you and all the wonderful people here. Since I signed up for wikiloops it has become kind of a secondary "virtual-home" to me. It´like being on a great "summer-camp" with great persons around all the time. :) +1
Fantastic my friend !! Really cool !!+1
Ottobre 17 2016 11:51:05
Marcelo D Thank you Chris. Glad you enjoyed. 😃:) +0
Lenny Cowler
awesome play:)+1
Ottobre 17 2016 11:51:33
Lenny Cowler
Marcelo D Thanks Lenny:) +1
Don't worry I will be there 😊+1
Ottobre 17 2016 11:52:43
Marcelo D Thank you Tof. Good to have you around. No worries bud! :) +0
Beautiful track, this needs a stage full of dancers! :) piano and movement! Way cool!+1
Ottobre 17 2016 11:58:01
Marcelo D Very good description for the song needs Marc :) it's a strange fact that all the women from my family are dancers🤔 I was raised inside ballet classes waiting for my mother, aunt and grandmother to finish their classes and listening to classical music. I already saw a lot of people dancing and maybe these images are inside me somehow... just a thought... :) +1
Big future for this Marcelo :)+1
Ottobre 17 2016 12:02:02
Marcelo D Merci amigo. :) +1
Muito bom som! Notas e melodia forte. Parabéns!+1
Ottobre 17 2016 21:05:29
Marcelo D Obrigado amigo. :) +0
Beautiful Peixe:)+1
Ottobre 17 2016 21:05:49
Marcelo D Thanks Peca!!! Glad you liked :) +0
Fantastic music !! Many thank you for sharing this with us!+1
Ottobre 17 2016 21:07:46
Marcelo D Oh. I loved your add. Your flute is amazing. very glad you checked on this. Thank you very much. +0
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